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Ten Commandments for Kids


Ten Commandments for kids ministry curriculum

Teaching Unit $29.95 children ministry curriculum


Complete Kit $54.95 children ministry curriculum




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You Can Too! 

Listen to Sample Skit

Can: Hello. We're Twins. I'm Can and this is my twin. Introduce yourself.

Can't: Can't!

Can: Now don't be hard to get along with, just tell them your name.

Can't: Can't!

Can: You're trying my patience. Tell them your name!

Can't: Can't

Can: Yes, you can.

Can't: No, you're Can. I'm Can't!

Can: I'm Can and you're Can't. Where the ten commandments are found?

Can't: Can't!

Can: No, we know your name. Tell us where the ten commandments are found.

Can't: I didn't know they were lost. Maybe their under your bed?

Can: Just tell them where the ten commandments are found in the Bible.

Can't: I can't.

Can: Of course you can.

Can't: I don't know where they're found.

Can: Can anybody tell Can't where the ten commandments are found?

Can't: Can't you tell me?

Can: Of course I can. They're found in Exodus 20.

Can't: Exodus 20. And what makes the commandments so important.

Can: They are God’s laws for people to live by.

Can't: Can't do it!

Can: Oh, yes they can. God's laws protect people like a fence protects a little puppy on a busy street.

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