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Ten Commandments for Kids


Ten Commandments for kids ministry curriculum

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About the Curriculum

Are the Ten Commandments really important for today's culture? Is knowing the Ten Commandments enough?

When the government took the Ten Commandments off the walls of the courthouses and schools did we take them out of the churches and homes too? 4th & 5th graders were surveyed in numerous churches to discover 80% of them do not know the Ten Commandments. 80% is alarming! Does modern society really need old fashioned laws like the Ten Commandments?   

A public school teacher caught several students cheating on a Math test. She was extremely upset and began to reprimand the students when one student raised his hand. "What's the big deal?" he asked.   

I repeat the question to you? "What's the big deal?" Are values really important? Is the erosion of our society enough for us to get on our knees to call on Heaven to help us impact this generation? Is the erosion of values enough to draw us back to teaching foundational truths like the ten commandments?

We are passionate about helping parents and children's ministry leaders impact children's lives. We want to see children experience a life changing, behavior changing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is vital that as Christian educators we go beyond rote knowledge to practical life application. We want to help you entertain, train and explain Bible truths in such a way your children can put them on like a pair of good shoes and walk out the principals in their everyday life. We do that through inspirational teacher training resources and solid, biblical curriculum like God's Laws for Kids.  

This 13-week adventure begins by establishing the commandments are not suggestions, but laws. The next two lessons come from the New Testament where Jesus establishes that the greatest commandment is love and second one is like it. All the other commandments hang on these laws of love.

 The unit uses interesting Bible & real-life stories to illustrate each commandment. Truths are then re-emphasized with skits using either live actors or two toucan birds. Cant, who thinks he "can't" keep the commandments and Can, who knows he can. Each lesson has a simple easy to follow format:

A Memory Verse emphasis Bible Story Object lesson from Science or American History Character Story (Many from Washington DC) Skit using 2 people or puppets ( same two characters are used each week) Reinforcement activity Reinforcement activity page

Use this curriculum for family devotions, children's church, Sunday School, midweek services, and outreach programs. Go to the sample lesson  to read a sample of what we have to offer. It's fun. It's meaty. It's creative. It's different!