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Children's Ministry Teacher Training

Inspire and equip children's ministry staff, Sunday School teachers and Christian Education leaders to be more effective teachers with these reproducible CDs.

Reproducible Christian Education teacher training

How it Works

Great for experience or new teachers.

Save Time

To order these teacher training resources for your church or school.


star Teacher Appreciation Ideas

star Basic Skills Track

star Make the Bible Come Alive

star Building Leaders

star Complete CD list

star Fruitful Ministry

star Leading Like Moses

star Train Them Right

star Parenting Conference




star Curriculum
star Drama
star Holidays
star Leadership
star Object Lessons
star Parenting
star Prayer
star Puppet
star Stories
star Teacher Training



starHow to have a children church that children love to attend


starUsing themes in children's church.


starTeaching Values to Children


starPicking the Right Curriculum


star Help me Train my Team


starHelp Me Handle Discipline Problems


starI want my class to love the Bible





If "Teachers aren't born, they are built" —


What are you doing to build your teachers?




Training is vital to the success of any position. Because teaching children is the most important position anyone will every have, it is vital that we train teachers to minister effectively in the classroom.


As a children's minister with 30 years of experience, I am convinced one of the major factors in teacher burnout is vision. Teachers, even teachers with great ability need vision. Often that vision can dim with time and the daily grind of the hard work that is necessary for effective ministry. But you can keep that vision sharp with regular communication and meaningful inspiration.


Let me ask you a very important question. When did you last attend a seminar? When was the last time your or your teachers left a seminar bursting with excitement? Maybe you plan or attend a seminar once a that really enough? If you're like most churches, you probably have workers that haven't been to a seminar in years.  What have you invested in your valuable teachers this year? Do they leave your teacher meetings inspired or just glad it's over? We can help! And I really mean it. 


 I understand how busy you are. You have lessons to plan, meeting to attend and families to nurture. How do you juggle it all? Don't try to do it all yourself. Let us help. We've been there. We know what it's like to have all the responsibilities that go with children's ministry! You need an ongoing plan to build your teachers! You need training that goes beyond skills to inspire the heart of teachers-that's what we do best. We're passionate about children's ministry and making the Bible come alive in people's hearts. You'll feel that passion in every session you hear. Let me tell you about it!


A plan that really works!

Now you can invest in your teachers every month with a recording by Patricia Holland that will ignite their passion and sharpen their skills. We send you the12 master CDs. Copy enough CDs for all your workers.



Save valuable meeting time!

People are busy! It's hard to get people to meetings, even important ones. This organized training plan eliminates the need for a monthly meeting. Put all your news in a simple newsletter with the outlines that come with the teaching. They can listen to the teaching at their convenience, in the car while commuting to/from work or while doing household chores. They'll want to listen to them again and again. 


Make them accountable

People don't do what you expect. They do what you  inspect.  Make the training easy and accessible to everyone. Once a month have the teacher's pick up a packet with their teaching CD and handout.  You might want to stick a little treat in the packet as well to show  them your love and appreciation. Have them listen to the teaching and return the completed handout. (You can find great ideas to make your teachers feel special on Steve Greer's Appreciation CDs.) Once a quarter or semi annually have a Teacher Celebration. When they complete the program give them a certificate of completion made from the master provided in your packet.


Here's How it Works

You will receive 12 reproducible master teachings on CD , and 12 reproducible handouts. You have permission to duplicate the CDs and handouts for all the  teachers in your church. For just pennies per teacher, you can give your teachers a teaching  on CD and handout every month that will build another vital teaching skill and inspire them to minister more effectively. They will have the CD in their personal library to refer back to again. Your teachers will want to listen to  them again and again. This will increase the learning curve and the probability that they will put the principals in practice.



Great for beginning or experienced teachers.

 How could that be possible? Training for experienced and inexperienced teachers? Sounds like an oxymoron! But these tapes are more than just skills. These tapes will inspire your teachers and ignite their spiritual passion. Plus these teachings will reinforce the right things they are already doing in the classroom. Positive reinforcement works for teachers too! It's a great feeling to hear your philosophy and methods reinforced.


Use these teaching CDs to:


     Train new teachers

     Motivate teachers

     Sharpen their skills

     Enlarge their vision

     Prevent teacher burnout

     Create enthusiasm

     Replace monthly meetings

     Express your love & concern for teachers!


Order your Building Leaders in Children's Ministry CD Set for $99.95.

Reproducible Building Leaders in Children's Ministry CD & outlines $99.95


Training Titles Include:

  1. Make the Bible Come Alive Listen to Patricia

  2. Great Ways to Use Great Visuals

  3. How to Tell a Great Story

  4. How to Use Puppets in your Class

  5. How to Use Costume Characters

  6. Recruiting Ideas

  7. You are a Gift to the Church

  8. You Can Be a Godly Leader

  9. Getting Organized

  10. Growing Kids in the Word

  11. Discipline that Works

  12. Involving Kids in Ministry



Click here to see individual title descriptions.



Building Leaders in Children's Ministry CD $99.95


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