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Using Joshua and Moses, you’ll see principles for mentoring.

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The Ultimate Destiny of an Egg

Many years ago Andy Gritt gave a workshop that has forever impacted my thinking.

He explained that an egg can be scrambled and cooked for breakfast. It can be added to a cake mix to make a delicious cake. It can be boiled and eaten for lunch. But none of those uses is the ultimate use of the egg.

The ultimate purpose of an egg is reproduction.

There is no doubt that every one of us were made to have a personal relationship with Jesus. And out of that relationship we are to reproduce that mindset and belief system in others. That is mentoring.

I realize that often we have the Lone Ranger mentality. We live out the mantra of a toddler…”ME DO IT!”

And we try. We spin our wheels trying to get it ALL done, when often we are doing what someone else could and should be doing.

I teach this workshop from personal experience. I understand how tempting it is to do everything myself so it is done my way in my timing. But I also understand how limiting that is. How frustrating that is.

I remember discovering how much better things worked when I equipped others and released them to operate out of their giftings.


But most of the time that required that I mentor them, before releasing.

That's what Moses did. He mentored his successor and what a success he was! Effective ministry with longevity requires that we mentor our Joshuas, even when their name is Mary or Joe.

We'll look at the process of mentoring used by Moses to shape and impact Joshua, the 70 elders and the nation. He was able to build an incredible tabernacle because he understood the principal of multiplication. In this teaching you'll learn how to reproduce yourself in others like Moses did.

You can download and listen to it right now.


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