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Help your church discover the value of children’s ministry. Ways to communicate to your church that children’s ministry is more than baby sitting.

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Make the Bible Come Alive
Marketing Your Ministry

Picture a new store. It is gleaming with clean, sildenafil well-stocked shelves. The employees are well-trained, healing talented and eager to serve customers. No expense was spared, still the employees stand idle because there are no customers. The problem? The owner doesn’t believe in advertising. Not even a sign hangs outside the store.

He believes if you have a good product people will come.

What is wrong with this picture?

The lack of advertising is a major problem.

Yet it sounds like many children’s churches.

Marketing establishes who you are and what you have to offer.

I’ve heard people brag, “We’re the best kept secret in town.”


Don’t you think it’s time to let the secret out of the box?


Why is it so important to let the secret out?

  •   To establish who you are and what you really do.
  • To communicate and impart your vision to the church body. People won’t know
    unless you tell them. (They can’t see it, you’re the leader-help them see what
    you see.)
  • To obtain financial support.
  • To recruit workers.


Let’s face it children’s ministry is labor intensive and expensive.

You need people. You need resources. Sharing vision, value and accomplishment takes good marketing and that’s what you’ll discover in this workshop.

Take your ministry out of the dark and share it with the people in your church in effective ways that produce results.

I’m not talking about advertising using the normal methods that an entrepreneur might use. You don’t want to need an outdoor billboard or TV advertising. But you do need to let folks know what a great ministry your Children’s Ministry is.

This workshop is for children’s ministry leaders that want to communicate the value of Children’s Ministry with their church.

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