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TD Fishing and Keeping Volunteers Download


Recruit volunteers; caring for volunteers; building volunteers or fishing and caring for volunteers.

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dreaming God’s dream
How do you get the right person in the right slot?

And how do you get enough people for all the slots so your ministry runs smoothly?

It’s a tough question in a culture of busy people with whirlwind life styles.

It’s especially tough to find volunteers for children’s ministry, capsule when folks think it is a sinking ship. No one wants to board a sinking ship.

And honestly, viagra in some churches the children’s ministry is a problem ministry.

It can be riddled with discipline problems, unskilled workers without adequate curriculum or equipment. Problems that cannot be solved by adding more unskilled team members into the mix. Some children’s ministry leaders¬†have earned the reputation they’ve been given.

But in most churches leaders are ready to select good people and equip them for ministry. Your role as recruiter simply serves as an enabler that connects people where they will fit, function and flourish.

This workshop has lots of practical suggestions to help you use effective¬†ways to recruit the right worker for the right position. It will help you paint fresh vision instead of perpetuating the mental imagine of a sinking Titanic. You’ll learn ways to keep workers motivated, feeling important and how to equip them so they will keep burning instead of burning out!


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