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Learn communication skills that will help you overcome communication bearers, become a better listener and communicate more effectively.

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Help children develop the Bible reading habit.

Listen to Me

I must have told my children a mill…all right so it was a million times, find but it felt like it was a million. I must have told my children ah…many times, sale “Listen to me!”

Yes, I was far from the perfect parent, but I’ve learned a few things and one of them is if you want them to listen to you. You’ve got to communicate effectively and you’ve got to be a good listener yourself.

Listening is hard.

We have shows to watch.

Books to read.




We have responsibilities.

Important stuff to do.

So who has time to listen?

I gotta warn you, if you have children at home, you better make time to listen.

Just like you have to develop your muscle you need to develop better listening skills.

Communicate to be heard

I love to watch my son with his daughter. When she is crying or when he needs to discipline her, he speaks to her in a quiet calm voice. He calls her by her name, quietly and gently until she stops crying. Then quietly he begins to explain what she did wrong or give her information she needs. He has always done this, even when she was T-tiny. (And T-ting is very young.)

She realizes her daddy loves her, but rules are rules. She listens. He listens- he really listens.

When you care enough to listen to someone you communicate they are important to you. When you don’t listen, your actions scream that they are not worthy of your attention.

In this workshop I talk about ways to become a better listener and a better communicator. It’s essential knowledge every parent needs to connect with their child, if you want to equip your children for life.


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