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T Involving Children in Ministry


Help children find and develop their talents while developing a servant’s heart.

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INVOLVE KIDS IN MINISTRYPat Holland will help you understand why and how to develop children’s giftings and talents while empowering them to serve others.

This generation wants to be involved. They want to be agents of change in today’s culture. Empower them to do so by giving them opportunity and training.

This CD is part of the Building Leader’s Series. School had only been out 1 day when the young mom heard her child whine, and “I’m bored!” Summer is precious time that you can use to disciple and impact the lives of children. Do more than entertain them; train them to use their talents to bless others.

Why Should Children Be Involved In Ministry?<

Children are enriched and developed for a lifetime of ministry as they serve others. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.

“Train them up,” means to impart the desire for what is right. Warming a pew is almost never God?s perfect will. When children are trained to sit on a pew until they lose their natural tendencies to do things and then expect them as adults to be active in the church is absolutely ludicrous. I believe God?s perfect plan is for each person to recognize the gifts in their life, find their place of service and serve all of their lives. When we train children to be involved in ministering to others, that love for ministry will continue into their adult life.


Recognize their gifts

Your talents are a gift from God. Everybody has talents, some more than others. But, even that person with one talent needs to use it. What you don?t use you lose! Teach the children that their God given talents will increase as they use them.??_

How it benefits the children:

Captivates their enthusiasm, energy and young boldness.

Builds character, discipline and a team spirit..

Makes them aware of the needs of others instead of their own selves.

They learn while they are doing.

Helps them develop their skills under the umbrella of a master teacher, so they are prepared for their place of ministry as an adult.


How It Benefits Others:

When children are trained and properly equipped they will touch people you and I will never be able to touch. Their realm of influence is different than those of an adult.

They can learn to witness to their friends.

They can do many practical services that will make your job as leader easier and more effective.

They can touch hungry hearts with the gospel of Jesus Christ in many of the same ways you touch lives.


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