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Recipe for cooking up a childrens ministry program children love.

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Change Agents DVD
Cooking Up a Great Kid’s Program

Recipe for success- when your goal is to impact the lives of children with God’s Word.

I would guess that even the men reading this article, pill have stood in front of their cupboards, visit this loaded with choices and tried to decide what to cook. It’s tough to make that decision.

We want it to be something that will nourish them, information pills but they have to like it or they won’t eat it!

So that brings us back to the original question. What can I fix?

And the same thing is true for ministry!

The Bible is a BIG book. With lots of things that children need to know. Things that will help them grow, so where do we start? What should you prepare to serve in your next class? How do you choose? Especially since they need more than dessert. (I’m not knocking dessert. It’s my favorite part of the meal! I’m not even sure it can be a great meal without the dessert!

Plan the Meal

There are several things every great cook and every children’s leader must ask themselves if they are going to serve appropriate, well-balanced meals that their family will eat.

  1. What do they like?
  2. What will nourish them?
  3. What do they need to eat?
  4. How should I serve it?
  5. How much of it should I serve?

Regardless of which restaurant you choose, most of them use the same main ingredients. They use different spices. Cook it differently, but the main ingredients are still the same from restaurant to restaurant.

Similarly there are 5 main ingredients that every children’s ministry service should contain:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible Teaching
  3. Fun
  4. Fellowship
  5. Worship

Same Ingredients. Different portions.

But the portions of each ingredient will vary according to the goals of that service. For instance a mid-week service will have more fellowship opportunities that a typical Sunday morning service. Yet a Sunday morning worship service will have more in depth Bible study than an outing.

Because every church, class and teacher are a unique mix, your goals and their needs will be different. This workshop gives you a list of questions to help you define what is important and how to get the most of your curriculum with those goals in mind.

Lots of good information to help you have a ministry that is appealing to children and still nourishing to their souls!

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This teaching will help you put together balanced and effective children’s ministry services.

Teacher Training to help Sunday School teachers, Children’s Pastors, volunteers and Christian Education Directors that will equip, inspire and develop strong teaching and leadership skills.


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