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Christian armor of God skits.

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MoJos Whole Armor of God Skits

Download 13 skits.

Want to teach your kids about the Whole Armor of God in a fun way? Then Mojo’s your answer. Your kids will fall in love with Mojo’s dumb innocence and knack for getting into trouble. He looks at all of life a little different than most.

Mojo is a Gomer Pyle type character that wants to be in God’s army, check but he doesn’t have any muscles. After the teacher convinces Mojo you don’t need muscles to be in God’s army, drugs you just need to have Jesus in your heart, he is ready to sign-up! Each week he’ll discover another piece of the armor from a viewpoint that is unique to Mojo. He heard the army was suppose to be a ball, so he brought his own. He thinks the breast plate of righteousness is a dinner plate. He insists he will never wear a girdle.

You’ll involve several of the kids in your class in the elite God Squad. Teach them to march, echoing the army cadence designed for this unit. Mojo never quite learns how to march, so he’s constantly bumping into the group or the wall or worse, the Drill Sergeant.

Watch the fun and laughter grow as Mojo is taught powerful lessons. (included in the H.I.S. Army)

Sample Skit from MOJO- JOINS THE ARMY

 Mojo: Is this the recruiting station? You know, where ya sign up to join God’s army?

 Teacher: This is (use the name of your group). We teach the Bible here. It’s funny you should stop by here. We’re talking about H.I.S.  Army (point up) today. Would you like to join?

 Mojo: I sure would. I want to join God’s Army. I’m ready to sign oMojo Christian Armor Drama Skit Bookn the dotted line.

 Teacher: There’s no need for that, you just have to ask Jesus into your heart.

 Mojo: I’ve already done that. When I was just a little fellow, I prayed and I ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins. Then, I ask Him to come into my heart.

 Teacher: Well, if you’ve done that you’re in H.I.S. Army.

 Mojo: I’ve got another question I want to ask ya. But it’s sort of embarrassing, do ya mind if I whisper it to you? (Moves over and whispers in teachers ear.)

 Teacher: No, you don’t have to have muscles to be in H.I.S. Army.

 Mojo: Shhh! I told you it’s embarrassing not having any muscles.

 Teacher: Don’t worry about that. In this army God gives you His strength.

 Mojo: What?

 Teacher: In Ephesians 6:10 we are told “Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.”

 Mojo: See! I knew it, I knew it. You have to have muscles to be in H.I.S. Army too.

Teacher: No, you don’t understand. God gives you His strength. When He lives inside you He gives you strength. The more you study the Bible and pray, the stronger spiritually you will become.

 Mojo: (excited) Does that mean I can be in H.I. S. Army?

 Teacher: If you’ve asked Jesus in your heart, you’re already in H.I.S. Army (point up). 

Mojo: Well, do I get some sort of army gear or something. 

Teacher: Oh yes, the Commander in Chief has provided a very special armor to protect you as you fight against the enemy, Satan.  

Mojo: Is it real expensive? I don’t have much money.

 Teacher: It’s free. God provides it for every soldier in H.I.S. army. It’s “God Issued.”

 Mojo: That’s great! I gotta go call my mama! She’ll be excited! Oh, I’m in the army now! (Goes out singing)

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