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S Reggies Antics Skits

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Fun character building puppet skits from a little boy’s point of view.

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Contains 1 item: Skit book only with 16 skits.

Are you looking for an adorable character that your kids will want to see every week?

Do you want to build Godly character while you’re having fun? Reggie’s Antics can help. Reggie loves to teach the class rules. Even though he always gets them confused, this he manages to come up with rules your class will never forget. Your class will roar with laughter at his silly antics and ridiculous rules. His knack for finding trouble, his mischievous antics and lovable personality make him everyone’s favorite.

These 16 skits work best with a human-hand puppet or live dramas. The skits use a leader and Reggie.

You can use a live person out front with Reggie behind a puppet stage, Reggie as a ventriloquist figure, two puppets or two live actors.

However you use your adorable new friend, you’ll love Reggie’s Antics!


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A fun puppet skit book that builds character from a little boy’s point of view.I CAN’T SWIM

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Theme: Fear

Puppet drama skit bookReggie, Child puppet, boy or girl of your choosing & Leader.

Props: Gather as many children’s swimming rings and inflated arm bands and a life preserver as you can find for Reggie.

Child: (When Reggie enters Child begins to laugh at him.)

Reggie: What is so funny?

Child: You are! What’s all that stuff?

Reggie: What stuff?

Child: The life preservers, the swimmeys, the kiddy’s ring. (Continue to laugh)

Reggie:: It’s not funny.

Child: No, you’re right it’s hilarious! (Laughs)

Reggie: Stop laughing at me.

Child: But why are you wearing all that stuff?

Reggie: Cause I’m going for a boat ride dis afternoon.

Child:: What?

Reggie: Don’t you remember what happened to Paul? His ship wrecked in a terrible storm. Dat could happen to me, ya know!

Child: You’re scared. That’s it! You’re afraid the ship is gonna wreck! (Laugh again.)

Leader: What’s all the laughter about, (child’s name)?

Child: Do you really have to ask? Look at Reggie. He’s afraid to go on a little boat ride. (Begins to laugh again) Have you ever seen anything so funny in your whole life?

Leader: Stop laughing, (child’s name)!

Child: Well, it’s funny.

Leader: But hurting someone’s feelings isn’t funny.

Child: What?

Leader: You heard me. You’re hurting Regie’s feeling by laughing at him.

Child: I am? Oh, I guess I was. I’m sorry, Reggie. You’re my friend, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

Leader: Being someone’s friend means you consider their feelings. (Child’s name), do you like to be laughed at?

Child: No. I remember when Sammy laughed at me. It really hurt my feelings.

Leader: Then you know how it feels.

Child: Yes, but this is different. He looks so silly.

Leader: It’s not different. No matter how someone looks, always be kind.

Child: But why does he have all that stuff on anyway?

Leader: Well, Reggie? I was wondering about that myself.

Reggie: Cause . . . cause . . . I’m scared.

Leader: Scared of the water?

Child: How could anyone be scared of water?

Reggie: I can’t . . . I can’t . . . I can’t swim.

Child: (Starts to laugh and stops suddenly) Sorry.

Reggie: I heard about Paul’s ship wreck in de Bible. It was awful. We could have a boat wreck.

Leader: Yes, but we have many safety features that Paul didn’t have. Would you like me to show you some of them? More than that, God took care of Paul even in the storm. God will take care of you too!

© Copyright 2000 Patricia Holland



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