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S Isadore Skit Book and CD


Lovable Cajun fisherman monologues to build character.

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Isadore Skit Book and CD

Contains 2 item: Skit book only with 15 skits and skits pre-recorded on CD.

Isadore is a delightful Cajun fisherman. He uses sea creatures as object lessons to illustrate powerful Christian truths. The fifteen skits use the oyster, treatment the catfish, the salmon, an anchor, the clown fish, the starfish, a cast net, the hermit crab, the ducks, the starfish, the crab, the shark, the whale, the sponge, and the mermaid’s purse to teach Bible truths.

Click here to hear a skit from the Isadore CD.

Oh, hello der, kiddies! My name it be Isadore. Isadore dat be right. Dere be three doors in dis room. Dere be de front door. Dere be de back door and dere be Isadore. Dat’s me!

I be a fisherman. Dats right! Ohh wee! I catch a bunch of fishes today. I catch de little fishy and I catch de big a fishy and I catch de in between fishy. Isadore, he just love to fish, for true!

But today, Ole Isadore find something dat not be a fishy. Dat’s right! Ole Isadore he found de oyster. Ohh wee! De oyster be goood to eat! Now de oyster he be hiding inside dis hard shell. Dat right, he be hiding inside. Sometime he have to eat. He get so hung-r-y, just like Ole Isadore be right now! So he open his mouth, well, I mean he open his shell.

De oyster don’t have no hands to eat his supper with. No sir-re! De wauter (water) it be filled with tiny fellows dat he eat as de wauter pass right through his shell. For true!

Sometime dat wauter, it bring a grain of sand inside de oyster shell. Ohh wee! Dat hurt de oyster so bad. Remember he don’t have no hands to pick de sand out with and it hurts! Isadore, he axed you, what he do now? You want Isadore to tell ya what he do?

He do something mighty strange, he makes some milky white liquid. It be called nacre. Dat oyster squirt dat nacre on de sand. He do it again, dat what he do. He keep on doing it until dat sand be covered with nacre.

Den we call dat grain of sand something else. Dat be right, we call it a pearl. Dat right. Dat oyster done made him a pearl out of dat sand. Dat pearl don’t hurt him no more and it be so purty (pretty)!

Dat oyster remind me of de Christian. De sand it be like sin. Jesus, He know dat it will destroy mankind. If you’ll let Him, He’ll wrap you with a robe of righteousness. Den you will be His Pearl of Great Price.

Old Isadore, he got to get back to his fishing. Ohh wee! Dat fishing be so good!

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