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These 13 puppets skits using two flower puppets to promote Christian growth. your class grow Godly attitudes and strong character. Subjects include: Growing Faith, What You Plant Grows, God Made it All, Love, God’s With Us.

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Contains 1 item: Skit book and CD with 13 dialogues.

Growing is an important part of life. Kids out grow their coats, there plants out grow their pots, stuff but what about spiritual maturity? Is it automatic? I wish it were! That would sure make our jobs as parents and Christian Educators easier. We want to help you grow spiritual mature children using tools children will enjoy with examples that are easy to understand, ask fun and yet provoke thought. Jesus understood this principal and it was one of the things that made him a powerful communicator.

In “Flower Power” we used plants to illustrate attributes that children need for Christian growth._ These 13 puppets skits use Rosie & Posie, two flower puppets to help your class grow Godly attitudes and strong character. Subjects include: Growing Faith, What You Plant Grows, God Made it All, Love, God’s With Us.

Comes with skits pre-recorded on CD so your puppeteers don’t have to develop the voices for the flower puppets. You puppeteers can concentrate on good lip sync and strong dramatic personality instead of reading the lines. This is especially helpful for families or children’s puppet teams.

Flowers Fade

Rosie: I am so hot! Wow, that sun is a real scorcher. If I could sweat I would be dripping wet!

Posie: Here, let me cool you off. (Shows picture of an umbrella.) An umbrella keeps the sun off so you’re not so hot.

Rosie: It’s going to take more than an umbrella to cool me off.

Posie: (Make blowing sound)

Rosie: Whoa! You got bad breath.

Posie: Is that anyway to treat someone that’s just trying to help you?

Rosie: Thanks, but no thanks!

Posie: (Shows picture of a fan.) How’s that, feel any cooler?

Rosie: Come on a picture of a fan won’t cool me off.

Posie: It will if I fan you with it. (Moves the picture back and forth.)

Rosie: Hey, that does feel better. Thanks. I was wilting from the heat.

Posie: Well, you know the old saying . . . “the grass withereth and the flower fadeth.

Rosie: That’s not an old saying, the Bible says that.

Posie: You mean we’re in the Bible. (Hold up picture of Bible)

Rosie: God was trying to tell people that things are gonna pass away, but God’s Word will never pass away.

Posie: (Hold up “Never” sign.) Never?

Rosie: Never!

Posie: Not ever? But I’ve seen lost and torn up Bibles before.

Rosie: God wasn’t saying you can’t tear up a Bible. He was saying no matter what changes, His words will never change. He doesn’t change His mind. He doesn’t change how He feels about things. God never changes. He will do exactly what He says He will do. Just like the sun is gonna rise in the East every day and it’s gonna set in the West everyday. That never changes.

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Click here to hear a skit from excerpt from the Flower Power CD


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