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Bible miracle skits told from the view point of fish puppets.

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Fish Scales Book
Contains 1 item: Skit book only with 12 skits.

Looking for a fresh, adiposity creative way to make Bible stories come alive in your class?

These marine animals can help your class get a clearer picture of what it might have been like to have seen the mighty miracles of Jesus. Each puppet skit story features a mighty miracle as told through the eyes of the marine animal and the skits feature unusual marine animal facts that illustrate a spiritual truth. Book includes 6 puppet Bible story skits with 6 puppet skits to reinforce the principal taught in the story.

12 puppet skits in all. Subjects include:

1. Fishers of Men Witnessing

2. A Fishing Fish Witnessing

3. Walking on What Miracle of Jesus

4. Flying Fish God’s Care

5. Farley the Fish Rebellion

6. Watch Out for the Nets Sin

7. A Strange Place for A Coin God_s Provision

8. Sea Horse Don’t Worry God’s Provision

9. More Than Swimming Obedience

10. A Dangerous Flower Sin

11. The Floating What? Possible for God

12. Amphibians Are Cool New Creation


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