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Fish Scales Book and CD

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Bible miracle skits told from the view point of fish puppets.

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Fish Scales Book and CD

Contains 2 items: Skit book with 12 skits and skits pre-recorded on CD.

Looking for a fresh, recipe creative way to make Bible stories come alive in your class?

These marine animals can help your class get a clearer picture of what it might have been like to have seen the mighty miracles of Jesus. Each puppet skit story features a mighty miracle as told through the eyes of the marine animal and the skits feature unusual marine animal facts that illustrate a spiritual truth. Book includes 6 puppet Bible story skits with 6 puppet skits to reinforce the principal taught in the story.

12 puppet skits in all.

Subjects include:

Witnessing (Jesus said, “Follow me”);

Fishing Fish object lesson skit;

Jesus walking on water;

Flying fish object lesson;

Farley & Jonah;

Fish nets object lesson;

Coin in Fishes mouth;

Seahorse object lesson skit;

Baptism of Jesus;

Anemone object lesson skit;

Floating Axe Head;

Amphibian object lesson skit.

1. Fishers of Men  – Witnessing

2. A Fishing Fish   _ Witnessing

3. Walking on What  _ Miracle of Jesus

4. Flying Fish  _ God’s Care

5. Farley the Fish  _ Rebellion

6. Watch Out for the Nets  _ Sin

7. A Strange Place for A Coin  _ God’s Provision

8. Sea Horse Don’t Worry  _ God’s Provision

9. More Than Swimming  _ Obedience

10. A Dangerous Flower  _ Sin

11. The Floating What?  _ Possible for God

12. Amphibians Are Cool  _ New Creation

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This is an object lesson puppet skit from the puppet skit book.

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Flying fish

Goldie: Fish swim. Birds fly. Do you get it?

Blue: I saw a flying fish!

Goldie: For the last time, fish have fins like us. They wiggle them back and forth which pushes them through the water just like us.

Blue: All fish don’t swim like us all the time. When a flying fish jumps out of the water, he stiffens his fins to help him glide through the air like a bird.

Goldie: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Blue: I saw it with my own eyes. It was really strange. That flying fish glided through the air for a whole minute.

Goldie: A whole minute?

Blue: A flying fish can sometimes go 500 feet in a single glide.

Goldie: But swimming is so much fun, why would he want to fly instead of swim?

Blue: A flying fish will take a leap of faith when a predator is chasing it. He is looking for something better than being eaten by a bigger fish. God made the flying fish with a special ability to help him escape predators. When he uses that God given ability, it helps him not to be eaten.

Goldie: That is really strange. Fish are supposed to swim. . . .

Blue: That’s right. In God’s divine plan, everything doesn’t make sense to fish brains like us, yet God knows exactly what He’s doing, cause He knows everything. That’s why people need to trust Him, cause He knows what he’s doing. And He’s big enough and smart enough to take care of all His creatures.

Goldie: Especially little fishes.

Blue: Especially people, cause he made them in His own image.

Goldie: Are you sure?

Blue: I’m sure it tells all about in the Bible. Come on I’ll show you. It’s on the first page of the book.

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