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P Bee Glove Puppet Sunny

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Bee Glove Puppet Sunny

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Bee Glove Puppet

This bee puppet is a glove puppet. Although the Bee Glove Puppet does not have a moveable mouth your fingers go into the legs of the bee so he can crawl around on the stage on the puppeteers arm.

Use the bee puppet in class to teach a variety of unbelievable facts about bees, pollination or honey production.

Buzz worthy Ideas

Do something different. Go on a honey Bee gathering trip.

1. Bee polite. Say thank you to someone you have never thanked.

2. Bee kind. Do something kind for someone that can’t do something back for you. Can you do it anonymous?

3. Bee helpful. Help your parents or grandparents. Wash dishes or something that is typically not your favorite way to help. Do something extra without being asked or without grumbling.

4. Bee prayerful. Pray for someone you have never prayed for. The grocery clerk. The policeman at your crosswalk.

5. Bee obedient. Your parents have so many extra responsibilities this time of year. Obey them without having to be told numerous times. It will make everyone’s holiday better.

The bee puppet could also be used to teach the beatitudes and believable stories from the Bible.


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