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Glow in the Dark


Simple illustration on prayer using glow in dark figures with powerful story.

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Eyeball devotions for kids

Finger Tip

Fingertip: One of the most useful props in the world of magic. This finger is so natural. It defies detection! Use it to appear and disappear silks, pilule coin, salt or streamer.

Glow in the Dark

(You must leave the object in the light for it to glow.) Maybe you’ve seen one of these before. (Show the glow in the dark object.) Audrey’s teacher wanted everyone to memorize their scriptures, viagra order so she offered them a special prize. She showed the class the little figure of a girl posed on bent knees with folded hands. She said, more about “Everyone who memorizes all their scriptures for four weeks will win one of these for a prize.

Audrey learned her memory verse each week and carefully quoted every single verse to her teacher. Audrey really wanted to earn one of the praying hand figures with its black, approved shiny stand.

As the teacher passed out the awards to each recipient she explained. This will glow in the dark only if you leave it in a place where it can get sunlight. Then she emphasized, I want you to let your light shine like this little praying child. If you pray every day, God will help you be a light for Him. The love of God will shine through you like a light. This world is dark with sin and confusion. The world needs the light of God’s love to bring them hope. God wants you to shine in the dark.

Audrey put the little praying figure in her Bible and then inside the nightstand beside her bed when she got home. It fell out of her Bible and into the drawer. She had almost forgotten about the prize until one night her friend was spending the night with her. She was digging in the drawer for a deck of playing cards when she found the figure again.

Excited she clicked off the light as she explained to her friend, Look at this. It glows in the dark. But it didn’t glow. Audrey could hardly wait to tell her teacher that her praying child didn’t glow in the dark.

Audrey pulled the prize from her pocket and explained, “Mine doesn’t work”

“Did you leave it in the sunlight?” the teacher quizzed her.

“It was in my dresser drawer all week.” she replied.

“That explains why it won’t glow. You must leave it in the sunlight and then it will glow in the dark. Try it!” the white haired teacher explained.

Before leaving for school the next day Audrey stood the figure on her window still and opened the blinds so it would get plenty of light. When Audrey went to bed that night she noticed a light on her window still. It was only then she remembered her glow in the dark prize. She sat up to get a better look, just as her teacher had promised the little figure glowing in the dark. (Turn out the lights to demonstrate.)

You are not too young to shine for Jesus. Your friends need to know Jesus and His love.

Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see our good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

If you want your light to shine, you must spend time in the “SON” LIGHT! Now think about it a minute,

How do you spend time in the Son light? Not sunlight, Son light. That’s right, by talking to God, spending time reading the Bible and loving and worshiping Him.

There are no shortcuts. If you are going to shine for Jesus you must spend time with Him. You must read your Bible and pray. You pick up habits from the people you spend time with. You pick up mannerism from people you spend time with. When you spend time with Jesus going to church, listening to Christian music and thinking about scriptures you will become more like Jesus.

When we spend time with the Son of God, we will want to be more like Him and do things that please Him. That desire will produce good works, when people see the good things you do they will recognize Jesus in your life. If you’re not glowing in this dark world, maybe it’s because you’re not spending time in the SONLIGHT! We have the Glow in the Dark Stars and the story of Moses and his glowing face that you can purchase


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