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NP8141 Multi-colored fish Puppet


12″ Animal Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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NP8141 Multi-colored fish Puppet

Have tons of fun with this large 16″ multi-colored fish puppet. Don’t let the low price fool you! Look how big these fish puppets are! They measure 16″ from lip to fin. These fish puppets will add lots of color and fun to your underwater performances.

Let this puppet fish see the watery wonders through his eyes as he swims from one adventure to the next. Or if you want to build character while they learn these check out our amazing and inspiring object lessons from nature. Hear the Ocean Roar Children of all ages are intrigued with nature. Use this natural fascination to teach spiritual truths. Take your children to the ocean where you will learn about the clam, oyster, albatross and lemon fish.

Or check out Fish Scales and Sea Tales to see our skit book staring 2 fish puppets. They share Bible stories and object lessons from the Bible and nature.


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