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NP8070M Eastern Colobus Monkey Puppet

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15″ Animal Puppet Moveable Mouth

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NP8070M Eastern Colobus Monkey Puppet

I find it interesting that children seem to want to spend more time watching the monkeys at the zoo than any other animals. I think it is because we, we being both young and old people, find the monkey’s antics incredibly entertaining.

Now you can bring some of that entertainment into your classroom to make learning fun. You’ll want to watch some monkeys so you can mimic their entertaining gestures with this cute little Black and white Colobus Monkey puppet to grab the attention of your class. Copy or mime specific characteristics that you see real monkeys exhibit. This will make your monkey puppet believable and interesting.

He could constantly look for fleas in the teacher’s hair and act like the monkey puppet is eating one every once in a while. The teacher should react with disgust, then alarm when she sees the monkey puppet eating something. Use the puppet to help teach the memory verse, but he’s really more interested in scratching and eating fleas than saying the verse. Or the same thing could be done with Math facts or grammar rules. The teacher should be the straight person and the monkey puppet the silly one.

You can do the routine with the puppet in your lap or with the puppet behind a stage interacting with the teacher.

You don’t have to be a ventriloquist. If the child says anything about your lips moving then acknowledge that they are correct and continue with the puppet routine. This style of puppetry is called Bunraku. Click here to see our article on Bunraku style of puppetry.


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