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NP8013C Alligator Puppet

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30″ Animal Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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NP8013C Alligator Puppet

A puppeteer or teacher could use this alligator puppet with a voracious appetite to illustrate good manners. Alley the alligator puppet insists that alligators don’t need good manners, Yet the puppeteer insists that anyone that eats around him/her needs good manners. Manners are a way to be kind to be people around you. Instead of teaching the class manners, teach Alley Gator the alligator puppet. Your study on alligator habitats will take on new meaning when an alligator puppet does the teaching. Have the alligator puppet talk about his habitat from his personal viewpoint. And who understands an alligator habitat better than the alligator himself? This realistic alligator puppet will make a huge splash with your class and puppeteers. Thank goodness you don’t have to worry about fingers and toes with these friendly, realistic creatures because they are so realistic your kids will want to touch the alligator puppets scaly skin.


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