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NP8012B Crocodile Puppet

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40″ Animal Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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NP8012B Crocodile Puppet

When it comes to crocodiles the bigger the better! But whether they are big or not so big, chewing their food and crying are two things you’ll never see a crocodile do. While they do have tear ducts, the crocodile would have to be completely dry for you to see the tears and they love to water too much to get that dry! Besides, who wants to get close enough to look for tears! Not me! But this crocodile puppet gets better the closer you get to him. He is so beautiful! His leathery skin is a pleasure to rub. Although his teeth are intimidating he promises not to bite or swallow his food whole! Don’t let his crocodile tears fool you! He just ate! This crocodile puppet will make a great pet or classroom assistant.


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