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Discover how to influence people to follow you as you follow Christ.

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Follow the Leader

Leadership is leading. It’ more than a name on a door or a position in a company. Leaders aren’t the same as a boss. They do more than bark orders and expect compliance.

Leaders like Mother Theresa, capsule Moses, this Martin Luther King change a culture. They change history.

Leaders can be moms or dads. High school students.

There is more to leadership than talent, position or knowledge. Leadership is the ability to influence others. Leaders don’t mess into the crowd. They stand out and stand up. They see what others cannot or will not see. And they communicate it clearly and effectively, so followers can follow.

In this workshop Pat, will dissect the principles taught by Moses to help you see heart and lungs of a leader. And you’ll glean insight from Issac Bassett a powerful leader that influenced men like Daniel Webster.

You’ll learn to increase your influence as you see vital leadership skills that God taught Moses in the wilderness. Not so you can build a following, but so you can build the followers.


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