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How to Use Puppets in Your Class Download


Children love puppets and you’ll love the response when this tool is skillfully used to engage your class in learning biblical truths.

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Puppets in Your Class?

Do you have a closet full of puppets, visit lying around, page covered in dust?

Not sure how to use them?

Or if kids still like them?

Well, the truth is kids love puppets.

Not the in-betweens, but the younger kids sure do. Unless the in-betweens are working the puppets. And that age is awesome at manipulating, creating voices and skits for their puppet character. So put them to work. This article is not about the benefits of using pre-teens in puppet ministry, so let me plow on to my subject.

But how where do you get ideas for using the puppets in your class?

My first suggestion is always music.

Puppets can lip sync a song for your class. You can use a table for a stage or hold the puppet on your lap as it sync the words to the song. My favorites are the Parody CD by ApologiX. Check out my selection of music for choices that fit the music style of your class. And that’s important. The music choice criteria isn’t confined what you like. It’s all about your students.This workshop will inspire you to drag them out and use them in a variety of ways to capture the attention of your students while they learn biblical truths.


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