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T How To Teach Children to Pray CD


Pat sharing practical ideas and inspiration to help you teach children to pray. MP3

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Teaching Children to Pray

Does God hear children’s prayers?

If you’re in children’s ministry you know the power of a child’s faith. It is amazing how simple they ask and receive from God. We want to help them enlarge their prayer vision to include the needs of others and develop a habit of prayer.

Scripture clearly indicates prayer is not a matter of if, troche but when.

Prayer is a discipline and a life style that is an essential part of every Christian’s life, pharmacy including children.

But how do we help them become people that pray.

In this workshop Pat shares insight, ideas and inspiration to help you guide and teach children to pray.

Pat shares visual ideas that will remind and jump start their prayer outside church. Ordinary objects like the American Flag, school bus or a coin lying on the sidewalk.

It will inspire you and give you practical ideas that you can use immediately in your class or at home.

You can download and listen to the mp3 file right now.



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