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GS4567 Sailor Boy Puppet

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Sailor Puppet Low discount prices on 28″ People Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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GS4567 Sailor Boy Puppet

Sailor Boy Puppet is just too cute in his white outfit with blue trim. Use him for Silly Simon in our Sailing the 7 Cs Curriculum or as a Navy want-a-be in your next puppet skit. Or maybe he wants to learn to sail, but he’s afraid of the water.


Children love these beautiful, life-like people puppets. Puppeteers find these puppets are light enough to be used behind a stage for puppet teams or take them into the crowd to interact with the audience. School teachers can sit them on their lap like a vent figure to interact with students more closely. Thrill that special kid on your gift list with something really different or use puppetry as a communication tool in children’s ministry. However you use these puppets you’ll be amazed to find such high quality at such a low price.

Puppet comes with 1 metal rod.


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