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GS4309 Groom Puppet

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Sunny Puppets

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GS4309 Groom Puppet

Whether you use this good looking adult male puppet as a doctor, lawyer, he’ll be a chief player on your puppet team.

The adult male puppet sporting his bow tie, black suit and sharp patent looking shoes. He has reddish blond hair and mustache, blue eyes and light skin tone.

Use the adult male as

a dad,

pastor or

business man.

Use the adult female puppet in your class or puppet ministry as a mom, choir director, Sunday school teacher or professional business woman. Puppeteers also use these good looking puppets as singers for any style music solo or duet that fits their audience.

These puppets make great teachers and gifts. Children love them.


Children love these beautiful, life-like people puppets. Puppeteers find these puppets are light enough to be used behind a stage for puppet teams or take them into the crowd to interact with the audience. School teachers can sit them on their lap like a vent figure to interact with students more closely. Thrill that special kid on your gift list with something really different or use puppetry as a communication tool in children’s ministry. However you use these puppets you’ll be amazed to find such high quality at such a low price.

Puppet comes with 1 metal rod.


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