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GS4105 Adult Grandpa Puppet

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Low discount prices on 28″ Grandpa People Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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GS4105 Adult Grandpa Puppet

He’s a doctor puppet and a huggable grandpa puppet. It is only natural to use the doctor puppet to teach your class about health and nutrition. But take off the lab coat and your doctor puppet becomes plain ole loveable Grandpa puppet. Your Grandpa puppet could be a little hard of hearing so as to twist what you say into something else. Your grandpa puppet could constantly think you had said one thing, when you were really saying another. Or use the grandpa puppet and your grandma puppet to sing their favorite hymns. Old Timers at Old Time !

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Children love these beautiful, life-like people puppets. Puppeteers find these puppets are light enough to be used behind a stage for puppet teams or take them into the crowd to interact with the audience. School teachers can sit them on their lap like a vent figure to interact with students more closely. Thrill that special kid on your gift list with something really different or use puppetry as a communication tool in children’s ministry. However you use these puppets you’ll be amazed to find such high quality at such a low price.

Puppet comes with 1 metal rod.


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