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Use visuals. Basic Skill Development Teacher Training to help Sunday School teachers, Children’s Pastors, volunteers and Christian Education Directors that will equip, inspire and develop strong teaching and leadership skills.

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If you’ve discovered that a picture really is worth a thousand words, approved then you know the value of a visual in children’s ministry (and ministry in general for that matter).

Downside to that fact:

  • They can get expensive.
  • Ordering the props and visuals in time to arrive before the class.


  • Organization is essential to save money and equip yourself with great props that facilitate the learning process.
  • By planning ahead you have time to look for the best prices.
  • Be creative. Use stuff you already have on hand for your visual. You can find them in the kitchen, the toy box or at your local resale shop.

And that’s my favorite kind of visuals…the ones that don’t cost any money or hardly any money. Now don’t misunderstand me, I love tricks and grand props as well, but some of my favorites are novelty items or stuff from my pantry.

Maybe you’re thinking what kind of


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