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RPM Vol. 9

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Righteous Pop Music 7

You’ll want to use these fun songs every where your puppet team performs. Secular songs with Christian lyrics can be used for puppets, prostate mime or human videos for children, youth or adults. Best sellers for puppet ministry.
With Arms Wide Open

Are you Gonna Go His Way? (Are You Gonna Go My Way?)

Streets of Gold (Fields of Gold) Hold His Hand (Hold My Hand)

Ready to Go

You Give God a Bad Name (You Give Love a Bad Name)

God works in Mysterious Ways (Mysterious Ways)

Lets Get Spiritual (Let’s Get Physical)

A Change Would Do you Good



Parody artist Mark Bradford has written and recorded ten more songs with Christian lyrics. The tunes from the past are hits most of you will recognize or remember. As always with our RPM albums, pharm the songs are great for puppets to perform, youth and adults love listening to them and the lyrics are good for young children to hear and learn. Song titles are:

1. Higher and Higher (Higher & Higher)

2. Stock the Boat (Rock the Boat)

3. Witness in the Streets (Dancing in the Streets)

4. Washin’ My Sins Away (Twistin’ the Night Away)

5. Pharisee (Refugee)

6. Just What I Needed (Just What I Needed)

7. The Savior’s Love (The Game of Love)

8. Wake Me Up When the Sermon Ends (Wake Me Up When September Ends)

9.You Must Be Born Again (Won’t get Fooled Again)

10. Where the Broken Hearts Go (Where do Broken Hearts Go?)


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