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Candle To Salt and Crystal Blow Tube


Encourage your audience to be both salt and light through their life and witness.

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Candle To Salt and Crystal Blow Tube

For a limited time you get two tricks in one for a great savings!

Candle to Salt and Crystal Blow Tube

Two powerful tricks for Resurrection Celebrations, stuff Easter or anytime you want to share the Salvation Message.

Candle to Salt

A tall white candle is blown out and covered with a clear plastic tube.

The candle can be easily seen through the clear tube.

The candle neverleaves anyone’s sight during the entire trick.

Picks up the candle by the base, viagra and it VisiblyTurns to Salt.

All traces of the candle are gone.

Crystal Blow Tube

Pick up the yellow and green silk to illustrate how God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden, but sin separated them.
God did not want to be separated from his precious creation so he sent his Son into the world (represented by the red silk).
The red silk is tucked into the Crystal Tube.
Then the green silk is tucked into one end of the tube, followed by the yellow.
You raise tube to your mouth and blow down tube.
Silks fly out knotted together to represent because of Jesus we can have fellowship with God.
Trick complete with gospel illustration.


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