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C Roundup Skit Book and CD


These skits will take your audience to the Old West where they’ll learn valuable character building traits such as the importance of hard work, anger control and the danger of greed. These skits teach children how to use God’s Word to resist temptation.

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Roundup Skit Book and CD

The Deceiver arrives in town with the Sin Gang. The Deceiver tricks to trick the town into following him. The Deceiver hates it when anyone uses their 66-shooter (the Bible) on him. He sticks his fingers in his ears and tries to make them stop. The chase is “on” as the Sheriff or Granny chases the Deceiver out of the class using their 66-shooter.??_

These action packed skits require 4 main characters. Most skits use only two actors or puppets at one time. Great for puppets or drama. The CD makes using these skits even easier. Let the puppets or actors mime and act out the sketches to the CD.

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