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Round Up Sin Gang Children's Ministry Curriculum Cowboy theme

Cowboy children’s church curriculum – In the old West pioneers erected crude, information pills but effective fences to protect their livestock.

God’s Word provides fences that define boundaries for people to live within. Boundaries to protect, prescription not deprive. But where are those fences? It is time for parents and Christian educators to build fences of biblical boundaries that will protect our children. It’s time to take the responsibility instead of waiting for the school system, viagra 100mg or the government to do what has been Christian parent’s and educator’s job all along. It’s time to get back to the basics- teaching old time values such as hard work, filling up with God’s Word and how to deal with anger, rebellion and strife.

We can help you teach Godly values in a fun ways using drama, puppets, music, stories, and object lessons. We are committed to help you to train this generation of children, not just entertain them. We’ve deliberately kept the cost low and the quality high so anyone can afford it. This fun unit with a western theme, teaches children to use the Word of God to fight temptation.

Round Up the Sin Gang will take your class back in time to the Old West, where they’ll meet Sheriff Star, Deputy Doolittle and Granny. The Sheriff warns everyone, “The Deceiver is headed ta town. Ya better git ya 66- shooters” (Bibles). Deputy Doolittle doesn’t even know where he is, much less how to use it. When the Deceiver arrives, he lies and tries to trick the town into all sorts of sins like fighting, rebellion, and laziness. The praying Granny & Sheriff Star use the Word of God on The Deceiver. The Deceiver hates those 66-shooters! He sticks his fingers in his ears, while Granny chases him around the room quoting the Bible verse as the William Tell Overture is being played.

You’ll receive more material than you can use to fill a two hour session for 13 weeks, which gives you room to pick and choose according to your needs and personal taste. You are not in that class to merely entertain. Go beyond entertainment to train them; to impact them with the greatest message of all time.

Don’t miss the opportunity, the assignment given to you by God to invest in the lives of this generation. An investment in their lives so they will:

  • 1. know about God,
  • 2. know Him,
  • 3.experience His love personally.

That’s what children’s ministry is all about!

We can help you. But don’t take our word for it. Go to the sample lesson and read a sample of what we have to offer.

It’s fun. It’s meaty. It’s creative. It’s different! Use this curriculum for Children’s Church, Sunday School, Wednesday night, VBS, Kid’s Krusades, camps and outreach programs.


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