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Round Up the Sin Gang Curriculum with visual aids.

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Mining Wisdom Visuals

  • Visuals for stories are now on DVD. You can tell the stories and use the DVD for the visuals.
  • Mining Wisdom Visual Aids

    • Memory Verses are now on DVD
    • Memory Symbols are now on DVD.
    • Memory Symbol Skits on CD
    • Mining Wisdom Pre-Recorded Puppet Skits to use for your puppets to mime the skits. Your puppeteers don’t have to come up with the voices. It’s already pre-recorded for your actors.

  • Rod Puppet Patterns Even if you don’t have a puppet team you can involve the children with these simple paper rod puppets for the children to move as the skits are played. No moveable mouths on these paper puppets. Just attach them to dowel rods or paint sticks. Or make them large and out of foam to use under black light.


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Round Up Sin Gang Curriculum


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