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Dramatic storytelling. Involve your audience. Salvation message.

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Four Big Pigs

Audiences of all ages will roar with laughter as they see the 4 Big Pigs dramatized. You’ll use funny drama and creative storytelling to illustrate ??_Jesus is the only way to be saved.??_

Act out the story with pig puppets or audience participants wearing pig snoots. This is especially funny when you use the pastor, order deacons or someone in leadership positions. The actors act out the story as it is being told. Mama Pig insists it is time to move out to their house. They each build the house of their dreams. Smart Bart builds a smart house, Eleanor, a bea-u-tiful house, Andrew, a church house and Bones, a house of stones. When the wolf comes only the house of rock stands firm. The allegory illustrates you can’t be saved being pretty, being smart won’t save you. There’s only one way to be saved-the rock Jesus! Comes with 4 pig snouts and story.

This is awesome for Kids Sunday in the church auditorium, Family Night Chapel, Sunday School, Children’s Church and outreach.

4 Big Pigs is included in Round Up the Sin Gang complete curriculum kit designed especially for Children’s Church.


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