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Creative character building Childrens Church curriculum to help children put on the whole armor or God and to be people that pray.

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Army Complete children’s church curriculum – Do children really need to put on the armor of God? Ephesians 6:10-18 Is it really important that the children in your class learn to pray? If you answer yes to these questions then keep reading.

Like a Turtle

Just as a turtle needs armor for protection, this web your children need the armor of God. But unlike the turtle, information pills your children are not born with it. They have to put it on! As Christian educators it is our mission to help them see the vital importance the armor of God and prayer will make in their lives. We’re convinced we can help you accomplish that goal with a children’s church curriculum that is fun, illness meaty and easy to use. This children’s ministry curriculum goes beyond fun, it provides a spiritual depth that children are really hungry to discover. We’ve deliberately kept the cost low so anyone can afford this exciting program designed this go beyond entertaining to training.

Drama Skits

Mojo is a Gomer Pyle type character that wants to be in God’s army, but he doesn’t have any muscles. After the teacher convinces Mojo you don’t need muscles to be in God’s army, you just need to have Jesus in your heart, he is ready to sign-up! Each week he’ll discover another piece of the armor from a viewpoint that is unique to Mojo. He heard the army was suppose to be a ball, so he brought his own. He thinks the breast plate of righteousness is a dinner plate. He insists he will  never wear a girdle. You’ll involve several of the kids in your class in the elite God Squad. Teach them to march, echoing the army cadence designed for this unit. Mojo never quite learns how to march, so he’s constantly bumping into the group or the wall or worse, the Drill Sergeant. Watch the fun and laughter grow as  Mojo is taught  powerful lessons. In H.I.S. Army children church curriculum, you’ll use true and amazing stories from Corrie Ten Boom’s Hiding Place  to illustrate these lessons.  The Bible stories are not an afterthought, they are used to emphasis the truths necessary for today’s child to be an over comer in life. These principals are clearly portrayed in the Bible lessons of David, the shepherd king and lover of God. Turtles are an excellent example of protective armor and this Children’s Church Curriculum  has four. Tucker Turtle is the macho, muscle building type. Tucker, Tina and Tubby make up the singing trio called Turtle Tunes. Use them each week for the musical specials of your choice. Telle wants to join the Turtle Tunes, but the group doesn’t want one more member. Telle learns the importance of prayer and finding God’s will. He discovers the right motives for service. Use the simple patterns in the book to make the black light sock creations.

The Complete Kit Contains:

H.I.S. Army Teaching Unit 1 Army Helmet 1 Pair of Glasses Mojo Skit Book Whole Armor of God Felt Figure Set Scriptures Visualized and set to music on DVD

Activity Sheets on CD in NIV and KJV to make duplication and customization for classroom use easier.

You can purchase this kit in 3 different curriculum package options star Book Only star Complete Kit star Lesson Overview


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