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Baby Girl Puppet SS2401

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24″ People Puppet Moveable Mouth.

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Baby Girl Puppet

Baby Girl puppetĀ in jumpsuit is the baby of our puppet family. These puppets are so-o-o precious.

One grandmother tells of playing with the baby puppet and her granddaughter. The grandma began to act like the baby puppet was crying, the 18 month old grabbed the puppet and ran to her papa. She knew her papa would know what to do with the crying baby. She loved putting the pacifier in the puppets mouth to make it stop crying.

Give these little guys a tiny little voice, an incomplete vocabulary and you’ll have a big winner with the kids. Let them teach the class a new song, poem or memory verse as only a preschooler can do. Have you ever noticed how preschoolers use the wrong words and change the entire meaning? Talk to parents of preschoolers or better yet borrow one from a friend. Just watch any 2-4 year old for great ideas. Be sure to have a pen and paper, cause you’ll never remember all the things they say.

Then there’s always your favorite TV program with a baby. My favorites are the old reruns of Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen on Full House and Zoe (as a baby) on Rolie Polie Olie .&nbsp

These well made puppets are 24? long. They come with one rod to move a arm. The rod can be removed quickly to protect the rod from bending and easy storage.


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