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B 50 Thumb Tip Tricks


Ideas for using a thumb tip for appearing or disappearing lots of things

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50 Magic Object lessons you can do!

This book with 50 easy to do gospel magic tricks is great for children’s church or anytime you want to grab the attention of children with a short and captivating illustration.
25 Magic Tricks. 25 Object lessons.
Lots of ideas for this low price. I only have a few in stock.

This little booklet has 50 ideas to use a Thumb Tip. Thumb tips are inexpensive and a great tool for vanishing and producing small objects. With practice anyone can learn to use a thumb tip really well and with Mr. Christopher’s ideas in this book you’ll have lots of ideas to really get the most use of your thumb tip.

While it does not have Christian routines and all of will not be appropriate for children, physician there are some really great ideas of things to pull out of the thumb tip and how to use it.

This is not a christian book but it has great ideas that can be adapted.


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