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Need skits for your puppet ministry? Use these puppet skits in children's church, classrooms or home school to teach Christian values and to build godly character. Involve the children in the drama or puppetry with these short skits. The puppet skit or drama skit books use realistic situations, nature or history to teach values. These fun skits are great for children's audience. 

Although all the puppet skit books do not come with a CD, the CD contains all the puppet skits or drama skit recorded so your puppeteers do not have to come up with a good voice. Plus it can be difficult to read a skit, remember your voice  and try to manipulate the puppet at the  same time. Pre-recorded skits allow your puppeteers to concentrate on the puppet manipulation and lip sync.

Puppetry is a great activity and ministry for children ages 8 and above. By 8 years old they have developed adequate coordination to manipulate the  puppet skillfully.

As with any ministry or activity training is essential. Your puppeteers should learn the basic essential skills for good puppetry. We have training videos that your puppeteers will want to refer to again and again.

Regie's Antics Puppet Skit Book 

Flower Power Puppet Skit Book 

Fisherman Isadore's Puppet Skit Book 



Sheriff Star Sin Gang Puppet Skits



Mojo God's Armor Drama Skit Book


Bible Talk Puppet Skit Book Diamonds From Proverbs Puppet Skit or Drama Skit Book
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