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Bible Talk

Table of Contents

  1. Ideas For Using Your Bible Puppet
  2. God Is Talking
  3. Bible Or The TV Guide
  4. Bible Talk        
  5. God's Love Letter       
  6. Like An Umbrella        
  7. Bible Abuse At Church
  8. Ducks Or Sponges      
  9. New Testament
  10. Like A Mirror  
  11. Soul Food
  12. The Book Of Acts       
  13. Tools Of The Trade     
  14. Life In The Seed          
  15. God's Library  
  16. A Special Word
  17. Share The Good News
  18. Good News Break      
  19. He's Coming Back Again
  20. Be Of Good Cheer

Bible Talk

Do your students love the Bible? Do they read it regularly and care for it properly? Maybe that's one of your greatest challenges. I've noticed what I feed grows. If I want to have cats, you put out cat food. If you want children to love the Bible then make it a priority in your class. There are so many ways you can do that. One way is with a Bible puppet that comes to your class regularly. Let your Bible talk for himself. With these puppet skits your kids will see the importance of regular Bible reading. Bible Talk is more than just another skit book. It has great ideas for using a Bible Puppet and 19 short puppet skits.  All the puppet skits in this puppet skit book can be done with a Bible and a duck puppet. 

Order the CD with the puppet skits pre-recorded to make it even easier for your puppeteers. They won't have to develop a voice or try to concentrate on reading their lines. This means they can really concentrate on manipulating that puppet. All the skits can be done with a Bible puppet and a little duck puppet. See a sample skit below. Click here to hear a skit from excerpt from the Bible Talk CD




Theme: The Bible is God talking to you. Puppets: Bible & Duck Puppet: 


Bible Puppet: Isn't this a great day? This is the day the Lord hath made.

  Duck Puppet:: Quack, hey, mister, you look like a Bible with eyes.

  Bible Puppet: The better to see you with my dear.

  Duck Puppet:: Wow, you have a mouth, too.

Bible Puppet: The better to. . . .

  Duck Puppet:: This is beginning to sound like "Little Red Riding Hood". Quack, are you going to eat me?

  Bible Puppet: Of course not. I'm going to tell you about the most important book in the world.  

Duck Puppet:: A comic book, quack?

  Bible Puppet: No, not a comic book.

  Duck Puppet:: I know, quack, a baseball card book!?

  Bible Puppet: No . . .

  Duck Puppet:: I got it this time, quack, a video game book?!  

Bible Puppet: NO! The Bible. I want to tell you about the Bible.

  Duck Puppet:: Quack, that makes sense, quack, a Bible talking about the Bible. You say the Bible is the, quack, MOST important book.  

Bible Puppet: That's right. It's most important because the Bible is God talking to mankind.

  Duck Puppet:: You mean, quack, God wrote the Bible.

  Bible Puppet: Not exactly. He didn't write it, but He told men what to say. They wrote what God told them to write. That's what people mean when they say it was inspired by God.

  Duck Puppet:: Quack, why did God want to talk to people?

  Bible Puppet: Because He loves them so much. The Bible tells folks about God's great love and how they can become His children.

  Duck Puppet:: Quack! That sounds great!

  Bible Puppet: It is great. Come on I'll show you! (They both exit.)   Click here to hear a skit from excerpt from the Bible Talk CD

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