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What do the kids say about honor?

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Honor your father and your motherI asked some of my relatives and friends, find “What does it mean to honor your father and mother?”

Three of my niece’s children responded.

Alana: By obeying. Tell the truth.

Nevaeh: Clean. (I love this kid. Can I borrow her for a few days.) Obey your parents.

Peyton: Save people. Obey your parents in the Lord. (Peyton has just turned four. She quoted a Bible verse for her answer. Way to go! I love it. “Obey your parents in the Lord”

Sarah (9 years old): What does God want you to do to honor your parents? “Obey them”. Okay, link what does it mean to obey? “To do what they ask you to, cheap the first time, right when they ask you to do it.”

Rachel (11 years old): What does God want you to do to honor your parents? “Obey them” Okay what does it mean to obey? “To listen to what they say.”

Nate (13 years old): What does God want you to do to honor your parents? “Obey them, respect them, and love them.”

My granddaughter, Karyn (12 years old) “By listening and obeying my parents.By listening and respecting what they say.”

Esther says, “obey them and have a good attitude about it and don’t do it halfway”,

Trinity says, “do things for them”

I’m thankful that we have a day to remind us to be thankful for Father’s. A day for us to express our appreciate and love to them. What do you love about your dad? What does your dad do that really makes you feel special? Those are the things that you need to put in his card. Tell  him you love him, but be specific in expressing your appreciation.

Father’s Day is a great day to say thank you, but honoring him doesn’t stop when the day is over. It’s God’s plan for honor to be a way of life. Every day, all day long. Honoring him means obeying him, but it goes beyond the action. Honor goes all the way to your heart to the attitude. Honor is rooted in love and respect. Honor is an attitude. It includes respect, to pay attention to them, prize them, give them special attention because of the position they hold as your parent.

Only you can control your attitude. What you think about effects your attitude. If you focus on your dad’s mistakes and how you see other people react to their dad, your attitude will not reflect respect. Ask God to show you ways that you are disrespecting your parents. Ask God to help  you become more respectful. It may not be culturally popular, but it is God’s way.

Ask the children in your class. Share with us  how they respond.


Think Missional! Pass this on to someone you think may enjoy it or need it.


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