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Children's Ministry Conference Set Your Sails


A note from Billy Burns to his team and churches in the West Palm Beach area.

Vickie and I are so excited. We have been able to schedule Wayne and Pat Holland to minister, ampoule teach, and train Trinity’s children’s ministry staff on Saturday, July 14th, for a “Set Your Sails” children’s ministry conference. They came last year for a similar meeting and were a tremendous blessing as they impacted our entire children’s ministry team.

I know that Saturdays are precious to people. This is their one day to “get ‘re dun” and so we’ve done our best to value our attendees time. First of all, the conference is just from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. During the conference, Wayne and Pat will teach five 35-minute workshops. Though extremely short in length, each session is power-packed and loaded with great teaching/ministry information and inspiration.

If Billy Burns is our Captain, then I guess Wayne, my husband, must be Gilligan. The analogy  stops there because Ms. Vicky nor Pat can play Ginger. But we will take you on a tour that will fill your sails with ideas and practical suggestions that will help you sail in children’s ministry with new gusto! And I promise we won’t get you lost at sea.

You’ll see and hear great ideas from 5 workshops, but the total teaching time will be packed into 3 hours.



You can put your message in a bottle, but very few people will “get it”. If you want to be heard and understood you need to use a vehicle that works for you audience. In this workshop we’ll talk about MAM Communication.






McDonald’s understands they are in the people business. They entertain and feed their customers. Our job description goes beyond that to include creating community. Belonging and feeling like they are part of something great is an important part of children’s ministry. Our culture leaves people feeling like an Island to themselves. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to create a culture of belonging.



The bigger the boat you’re on, the more crew members are required. This workshop will describe the dynamics of working as a team member. You’ll learn things you can do to become a dream team player.




Charting the Course

Developing Unsinkable Faith in Children. No one believed the Titanic could sink, but it did. They trusted technology and it failed them. When we help children develop faith that is rooted in God’s Word, they will not drown on the seas of life. This workshop will help you equip children to follow Jesus through prayer and Bible Study.




No, it doesn’t start with a C, but it sounds like it should start with one. Pastor Billy wanted to shake things up and give you something unexpected. That’s just what having Kavod in your service will do to the kids in your class. Impact your kids–give them something they’ll never forget, help them experience Kavod.


Think Missional! Pass this on to someone you think may enjoy it or need it.

I’ve learned how it feels to be a “visitor” in a church…and I understand why so many of them only visit once and never return. For many years I was a children’s pastor. I was in the same church every Sunday. I had my circle of close friends, mind my position, and my church. But now I speak in conferences, which means as I travel back home I visit churches where they do not know me. I’ve discovered that churches aren’t as friendly as we think they are. Mostly we’ve been ignored, but once an usher barked “This your first time? Here fill this out.” He whirled on his heels and returned to the back of the church. My husband had been in his Sunday School class just moments before; no smile, no glad you came. Just fill this out. And this usher was the friendliest person we saw there. We were in that area frequently, but we never went back to this church.


The tragic part of this story is this happens all the time. We say we want to win the world, but we ignore our visitors. Most of the time we think of ourselves as a friendly church, a loving church but the visitor thinks something entirely different. The visitor’s opinion is the only one that matters. Do your visitors come back? What percentage of your visitors do you retain? authority in every area of life–school teachers, policemen, senior citizens. Even your role as a teacher is easier when respect is developed at home.


How friendly is your children’s ministry?

Is it really friendly or do you just think it is friendly!


Do the children feel important or ignored when they arrive in your class?


What happens when a person attends your class or service for the first time?


Do you have children greeters?


What do the children in your ministry do when the class has a guest?


What do you do to ease the reluctance and un-comfortableness that being in a new and different environment brings?


Hospitality isn’t the job of one person. It needs to be an attitude that permeates the ministry. What are you doing to create a climate of hospitality in your class?


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