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He’s Alive

Easter Children's Ministry Illustration


This is a puppet skit that I wrote for Easter. It uses 4 biblical puppets.2 male puppets in biblical costume and 2 women puppets Although it was written to be used as a part of my Resurrection Celebration at Easter, see it can be used in children's ministry, children's church, outreach or in the classroom.

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He's Alive Puppet Script

Mary Magdalene: Peter! John! you've got to come quickly!

Peter: What's wrong now?

Mary: He's gone. Jesus is gone.

John: Calm down and come inside. I'll get you some water.

Peter: Mary, we saw Him die. We know he's gone.

Mary Magdalene: No, you don't understand.

John: Just calm down. I know you're upset. Come inside and sit down.

Mary: Please listen to us. We went to the tomb this morning to anoint Jesus' body. We were worried that we might not be able to move the stone out of the way.

Mary Magdalene: But when we got there not only was the stone gone, so was Jesus.

Peter: And you're sure you went to the right place.

Mary: Of course we're sure. We followed Joseph when he took the body down from the cross.

John: And you're sure the tomb was empty?

Mary Magdalene: We're not a bunch of crazy women. I'm telling you what I saw. Jesus is gone.

John: I got to see this.

Peter: Wait, John I'll go with you.

(all exit)

Later that day.

(Peter, John and Mary enter) Peter: I just don't know what to believe. I don't understand this.

John: I believe He is alive.

Mary: But  John, how could he be alive? You saw him die. I saw Joseph place him in the garden tomb.  He died a horrible shameful death.

Peter: I never dreamed any of this could ever happen. I thought Jesus was going to save us from the Romans.

Mary: So did I. I could just see Jesus as our new king. Remember, I asked for that my both of my sons be given jobs as his right hand associates and look what happened to Him. I can't believe any of this has happened.

Mary Magdalene: (hollering) I saw Him. I saw Jesus. He's alive.

John: I knew it.

Peter: Calm down and tell us what happened.

Mary M:  I went to the tomb. Jesus was gone. I saw a man. I thought he must be the gardener. So I begged him to please tell me where he had put Jesus.

Peter: Gardner?

Mary M: No, it wasn't the gardener. It was Jesus.

Peter: I know you've been through so much. I mean after all he did for you, it must be very hard to lose a friend like that. I'm sad too, but Jesus is dead.

Mary M: No, He's alive. I recognized his voice. It was Him. He told me to come tell you. He really is alive. I saw Him. He's alive.

Peter: I want to believe. If only it really were true!

Mary: It is true. You'll see.


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