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Practical Halloween Ministry Ideas

Do You know God Cs U?

Here’s the tract. See the download link below if you want to download a reproducible sheet of 4 tracts.

Do you know God see you? He does and He loves you too!


Halloween Ministry Ideas

Halloween is a great opportunity to touch children you won’t see any other time.

I understand we can argue over the evils of Halloween or we can seize the opportunity to make a connection with the children that are looking for a sweet and fun evening.

Are you having a Halloween Alternative? Some suggestions.

Are you planning to stay home and minister to the kids at your door? Some Suggestions.

Is it just a high touch event or are you looking to make it ministry? It can be both you know!

Do you plan to minister with music, price testimonies, recipe (real ones, pharm not please pray for so and so) and family appropriate devotions? I sure hope you will!

It’s a big deal? When else do you have families coming to your door or you church in such big numbers? Seize the opportunity.

Do you have tracts to give out? There are great ones to buy, but if you don’t then please download my tract and give them away at your event.

  • Download

Do You know God Cs U? Free Halloween Tract

Here’s the halloween tract. Click here to download link a reproducible sheet of 4 tracts.

Do you know God see you? He does and He loves you too!


  • Download the tract. It has four tracts to fit on one sheet of paper.Download free
  • Add the name of your church and address on each of the four tracts with your favorite photo editor.
  • Print the cards on white card stock.
  • Cut the cards into individual tracts.
  • Give the tracts to the people as they arrive or put them in the treat sacks that they pick up.


 Fall Festival Outreach

Even small churches have the opportunity to reach hundreds and even thousands of people with a Fall Festival. These festivals are a great way to touch your community with the love of Christ. But sometimes this event falls short of accomplishing its desired results because we have a good event without really touching the people that come.



  • Be Friendly.

    • If you don’t do this one thing, then don’t bother doing the event. Be warm and friendly. Remind your volunteers to be gracious hosts. A smile is powerful. Be sure they wear one. Look the people in the eye and greet them. Remind them to show the love of Christ in all they do. Sometimes people can be challenging. Prepare your volunteers.


  • Pray.

    • Saturate every part of your festival with prayer. God wants to partner with you to help you impact your city with the love of Christ. Ask Him to help you. Ask Him to love the people that attend through your volunteers.


  • Include the gospel.

    • Now I understand there are pros and cons on this one, but you can plant seeds without shoving it down their throats. In the concession area have live music or at the very least gospel music playing. Some of your booths could present a short gospel presentation. A costumed character or clown could do a short drawing out of “Picture Perfect” with a gospel message or any one of the magic tricks with a gospel message.


  • Gospel Booths.

    • Add two or three booths that will have a gospel message. One could be a puppet performance booth. Performing a single song that is done once every 15 to 30 minutes is always a crowd pleaser. It should be a fun, upbeat song with a strong message. If you perform more than one, be sure they have a common theme. Your puppet team could perform Righteous Pop Music Volume 3 ”Broadway”. This song goes through the entire plan of Salvation. Or use one of the contemporary sounds from Apologetix to reach your audience.


  • “Can I pray for you?” Booth.

    •  People are there for a night of fun, but many are carrying great needs and heavy hearts and would appreciate your prayer. Have a booth where anyone that needs prayer can receive prayer right then and there. At the very least have cards that they can fill out and leave for the church to pray over.


  • Free is good!

    • Offer the festival free to the people that attend or at the very least make as many things free as you possibly can.


  • Get their information.

    • Name. Email address. At the very least. Don’t ask for too much or they won’t give you anything. Yet, you want to be able to connect with them for future events and to show your appreciation to them for attending.
    • Then follow up. Regularly. With an opt-out form on the contact. Send them short family oriented articles. Special events. Holiday Greetings.


  • Organized.

    • The registration booth or entrance area should be easy to find and the information clear and concise. You want your guest to begin their visit with a positive experience. Do you have enough bathrooms to accommodate the large crowds?
    • Think through every part of their visit. Parking can be a nightmare if it is not well planned and executed. Be sure the traffic flow through your booths is smooth and well thought out.


  • Punch Ticket.

    • Some churches give out a ticket that becomes their punch card. The tickets are ½ page cardstock. These tickets are laid out in blocks with the name of each booth and concession on a block. When a guest visits a booth they get their ticket stamped or punched. This limits the number of visits to the booths and concessions to one per guest.


  • Give them something to read when they get home.

    • A Gospel Tract. You can download my reproducible gospel tract on this page.
    • Information about your children’s ministry. An attractive information card about the children’s program at your church that is written to the children.
    • Free Card. I always had a “Free” card that was put in their goody bag for some special treat the following Sunday if they attend the children’s service. Cotton candy, popcorn or small trinkets will often motivate children to come back on Sunday for a visit. If you offer a freebie be sure your program is exciting enough that they will want to come back after visiting you without breaking your budget for the year.
    • Another event. Schedule another event and advertise it at your outreach. It could be a free movie night with popcorn. Be sure you have the proper licensing before you show any movies. It could be one night family crusade or game night, but the point is get the people back as soon as possible.


Seize the Opportunity at Your Door


  • Be warm and friendly. Wear your best smile.
  • Have good treats and include a tract with them. If you haven’t purchased any, download my free reproducible tract. Link
  • As you shut the door, pray (quietly) over your guests that just left. This is not an over act to get their attention. But it is a sincere prayer that God would help them to know Him, if they don’t. That God would bless them if they do. Something like…”Father, help these children to know your love and peace personally and deeper than ever before.”



For Parents: Training Your Children with Devotions


Train’em Right Pat’s teaching short audio clip.


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