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The Lost Medallion Movie
Watching a good movie with my family and a big bowl of salty popcorn is one of my favorite ways to relax. And yes, recipe I eat way more popcorn than Wayne does. And I almost always have to vacuum the couch after I eat popcorn. I make the mess, viagra approved not Wayne.

We’re different, information pills I get that. And we like different things. That includes foods and movies. With that being said, I want to share with you two movies that I love.


The Christmas Wish Movie
There are only a very few movies that I want to see more than once, but The Christmas Wish is one of them. Actually, it has become a Christmas tradition. It stars Debbie Reynolds and Neil Patrick Harris.  Last year I couldn’t find it. This year I found them at this unbelievable price and wanted to share them with you.

It’s not a Christian movie but it’s a good, clean movie. The message of forgiveness and love is so powerful! And if you are like me, you’ll want to have the tissues handy!

Family secrets. A mysterious journal. More questions than answers. This is what Will Martin (Neil Patrick Harris) finds when he returns home for Thanksgiving to temporarily take over the family business.  A successful wall-street executive, who was raised by his grandparents, quickly discovers that this Thanksgiving will be different when his grandmother (Debbie Reynolds) presents him with a strange mystery after reading his grandfather’s journals.

This is the beginning of an unexpected journey for Will. A journey of trust, faith and forgiveness with a grandfather he thought he knew. A wonderful Christmas story wrapped in a mystery. 

I was totally shocked when the mystery was solved. Maybe I was too involved in the personalities of the characters. Maybe I was too absorbed in knowing his grandfather better, was he who they thought he was, to try to solve the mystery of the journals.

But even knowing the end, I enjoy revisiting the family again and again that I have learned to love.

I found The Christmas List DVDs at a fabulous price and I wanted to share them with you. Only $5.00 each while supplies last. Order yours now.
The Letter Writer christian Movie


My teenage grand-daughter and I watched this together. We both loved it!

It’s not a Christmas movie, but The Letter Writer, definitely made my and Wayne’s watch it again list! It was inspiring and uplifting.

The Dove Foundation accurately describes it as “A wonderful movie families everywhere will enjoy!”  Oh I did!! It was so good!
When Maggy Fuller, a rebellious and troubled teenager, receives an old fashioned letter in the mail from an unknown source, she can’t imagine who could have so many wonderful things to say about her. After all, she is all but invisible to her father and a disappointment to her mom. So she tracks down the mysterious author of the letter and uncovers someone she has never met—but someone who seems to know her better than anyone else in her life.

I found the Letter Writer DVDs at a fabulous price and I wanted to share them with you. Only $5.00 each while supplies last. Order yours now.

And if you’re interested in sharing some real life role models for your children or grandchildren you’ll want to check out The Torchlighter Series at a new low price of $7.99 each. I love these DVDs. Powerful stories of real heroes of the Faith!

Saint Augustine He rejected fame and fortune and became a voice for truth. Torch Lighter Series

Saint Augustine He rejected fame and fortune and became a voice for truth. Torch Lighter Series

Torchlighter Set 13 DVDs.


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