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God’s Gift- Easy as A B C to Receive

Children love puppets. You can use this skit to tell the Christmas story in a unique way. Christmas is such a special time. We need to take every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus creatively and powerfully!

Use two mouse puppets. Take the vest off one mouse and add glasses on the one with the vest.

Little Mouse:Have you and grandma mouse always lived in the church?

Grandpa Mouse: Your Grandma and I used to live on a farm outside the city. It was a noisy place most the time. All the chicken baa-acking and all the cows mooing. And then the ducks they made an awful noise morning and night. Your grandma and I set up housekeeping in a bale of hay in the barn loft. It was a nice place. We loved to eat the corn in the corn crib and the wheat in the wheat fields, case but one day we had visitors. They were from the city. Said there was going to be some sort of play in the church. They needed some hay bales. The farmer told them to take all they needed.  Your grandma and I were in one of the hay bales they took.

It was the first time I ever heard the Christmas story. We were too scared to move so we stayed real still and quiet as a sleeping cat. We listened to every approaching step.  It didn’t take too long before our hearts loud beating quieted enough for us to hear the singing. It was so pretty.

     I guess Parson Bob wasn’t at the church back then, cause Parson Bob always sings off key. He sings loud too. Sometimes I would cover my ears when he sang.

The children sang too. Then the pastor told a story about a little baby that was born in a barn, not our barn, nothing but mice and cows were ever born in our barn. This barn was in a city far away. The town has a catchy name, I just can’t catch it right now. Something to do with a pig named Beth Lee.

Little Mouse: Ham, Grandpa, Beth Lee Ham.

Grandpa Mouse: Ham. No thank you son. I don't much care for ham. You go ahead. I always liked the name Beth Lee. Tried to get your Grandma to name your mama Beth Lee, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Said Lee is a boy’s name and no daughter of hers is going to have a boys name. It just ain’t proper she would say.

Little Mouse: You were telling me about the barn, Grandpa.

Grandpa Mouse: The barn in Beth Lee something e...nother. The baby that was born that night wasn’t just an ordinary baby neither. No, sir-re. He was special. Course all babies are special. You just ask your mama or any mama for that matter, but this baby was special special.

Little Mouse: He was God’s son.

Grandpa Mouse: Sun? No. the sun wasn’t shining. That little baby was born at night. It was born in a barn. His mama was really tired. She had been riding on a donkey all day. You know how rough that can be. I remember one time I got scouped outta the corn crib and into the feed bag. That donkey went clip clop. Clip clop. I bounced back and forth until I thought I was gonna throw up. I never been so glad to get outta any place in all my life. That little mama must have felt the same way.

Little Mouse: His mama’ s name was Mary.

Grandpa Mouse: Married? Yes, she was married to a fine young, hard working man.

Little Mouse: He was a carpenter, Grandma.

Grandpa Mouse: Carpet? No, son there wasn’t any carpet in that barn. Just the usual things a few tools, some hay for the mice to hide in and a feeding trough for the animals. That’s where the little mama put her new born baby- in the feeding trough. Course her husband, put some nice fresh hay In it first.

Little Mouse: She wrapped her little baby in swaddling clothes.

Grandpa Mouse: Swallow his clothes? Naw, he didn’t swallow his clothes. He was a little baby, not a mouse like us. People can’t chew cloth like mice. We got sharp teeth. That baby didn’t have any teeth a tall. Naw, he was just born. And the angel announced his birth to some shepherds out in the fields watching their sheep. The angels announced it cause this baby was special.

Little Mouse: This baby was God’s son.

Grandpa Mouse: I already told you one time it was night. The sun don’t shine at night. But there was a bright light that scared those shepherds really bad, like a light does in the kitchen when we’re trying to find supper. They weren’t expecting it. The angels told those shepherds a baby was born that was really special.

Little Mouse: This baby was the  promised Messiah.

Grandpa Mouse: Messy? No, he wasn’t messy. He was just born. All new born babies can do is just lay there. They’re not big enough to make a mess like they do later. Where do you get this stuff, boy? (Shakes his head as he leaves) That baby sure was special.

Little Mouse: And He was God’s Son, the Messiah.

Need a mouse to perform this skit. Click on the picture below for more information.


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Mice in Gift Box Finger Puppet

God's Gift

Gifts surprise us, approved makes us laugh, makes us feel special and loved. They are fun or difficult to select. Meaningful gifts enrich us when we give them and thrill us when we receive them. They come in all sizes, shapes and prices. The size doesn't determine it's value--neither does its price tag. Sometimes they are great are very good and sometimes they can be  very disappointing. The perfect gift on one person's gauge could be a bad gift on another person's guage.

They arrive from parents, grandparents and cousin--brothers, aunts and neighbors.

Who's gift list would you like to be on?

Bill Gates? Donald Trump?

You may never make it on some rich guys list, but do you realize you are on God's gift list?

God's Gift List

His gift is beyond description. It expands, enriches and energizes its recipient. It can't be used up, broken or expire. It unfolds, expands and deepens.

He gave because He loves.

His love grows better as it is recognized, received and enjoyed. It changes us. It heals us. It causes us to love in return.

Yes, you are on God's gift list, but you must receive His gift.

He doesn't push it on you. I'm so thankful it's just as easy as ABC to receive this gift (Wiggle a mouse as you mention each letter and description.)

  • All have sinned.
  • Believe on Jesus and
  • Confess your sins and you can have God's gift of salvation.

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