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Fish Scales & Sea Tales- Puppet Skits

Fish Scales & Sea Tales-Puppet Skits

This is a Bible Story puppet skit from the Fish Scales & Sea Tales puppet skit book.



Matthew 14:13-33 Theme: Miracles still happen

 People are often amazed at the strange creatures they find in the sea. I agree. There are some pretty amazing sea creatures. Sea creatures come in all sorts of colors, cost and funny shapes and many of them have strange habits. Still, I can’t think of anything stranger than some of the things Jesus did when he lived on this earth. You know, what I mean. Like walking on the water. That’s impossible. When you step on the water you’re gonna sink to the bottom. Jesus walked “ON” the water. He didn’t use a surf board. He didn’t have a boogie board. He walked right on the water in the middle of a storm. Now that’s strange! No, it’s not really strange. It’s a miracle. Wait a minute. I’m starting in the middle and the beginning is too good to miss.

Jesus had preached to the people all day. He was really tired. Oh, how the people loved to hear Jesus teach. He spoke with a power and authority, they had never experienced. Still they loved His miracles even more than his words. They loved to watch the lame run and jump after Jesus healed them. It was a sight to behold the light appear on the faces of the blind when Jesus opened their eyes. But they had been there all day. In their haste to join the growing crowds many had not brought food. The disciples managed to find two fish and five little loaves. They watched in amazement as he multiplied the two fish and five loaves of bread. But what is that among all the thousands of growling stomachs. Jesus took the fish and the bread and when He had thanked God for it, He began to break it. I hope you remember to thank God for the little blessings He gives you every day! When he finished praying, He began to break the bread. He fed five thousand men, plus their wives and all their little fishes, I mean children. Now two little fish and five loaves of bread is enough to feed one hungry man, but when Jesus multiplied it, it fed thousands. Everyone ate until their stomachs were full and content.

As the sun began to set, Jesus told His disciples to take the boat and go to the other side while he sent the people to their homes. When the last person turned to go on their way, Jesus found a private place along the side of a mountain where he began to pray. As Jesus spent time talking with His heavenly father, it grew darker and later, and later and darker. When Jesus finished praying He wanted to join His disciples.

The disciples had been rowing their boat all night. Maybe I should say they were “trying” to row their boat. A big storm had blown up quite suddenly and they were in big trouble. They were rowing and Jesus was praying. Maybe, there’s a lesson to be learned there, what do you think? The winds beat the twelve men in their tiny boat. Even after they lowered their sails they were tossed back and forth like you throw a toy boat in a bathtub.

It was between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning when Jesus finished praying and went to His disciples. Jesus didn’t have a sailboat. He didn’t have a rowboat. He didn’t have an inter-tube. Jesus started out walking. Now it’s one thing to walk on the sand, but the water? Who ever heard of anyone walking on the water? Now that is strange stuff. I keep forgetting! That’s not strange — it’s a miracle! Jesus kept walking even though the winds were blowing and the waves were high as mountains.

The disciples were in BIG, BIG TROUBLE. They were in whale sized big trouble. I hope you’ve never been in a little boat in a big storm, but storms can make you very sea sick, believe me! When they looked up and saw Jesus, they were really scared. They started hollering. “Help. Help! It’s a ghost! Ahh!!” Now before you laugh too hard, what would you have done? They were terrified!

Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. Calm down, it’s just me!”

Without thinking, Peter burst out, “Lord, if it’s really you, then let me walk on the water to you.”

Jesus said, “Come on, Peter. You can do it!” Peter climbed out of that rocking boat and started walking toward Jesus. Before he reached Jesus, he saw a great big wave coming toward him. He got his eyes off Jesus and on the big wave, Peter began to sink like a rock! He yelled, “Jesus, help me!” Jesus didn’t panic. He just reached out and grabbed Peter by the arm. He shook His head at Peter and said, “O Peter, you have such a little bit of faith. Why did you doubt?” Peter was so worried about the big wave that he forgot that neither wind nor wave can stop Jesus from taking care of you when your faith is in Him.

When they got back to the boat, the winds grew quiet and the sea grew calm. The men in the boat were amazed. They worshipped Jesus, the miracle worker! Wanna know what I think is stranger than walking on water? What’s really strange is people who don’t really know and trust God to take care of them. God hasn’t changed. He is willing and able to take care of you, no matter how big your problem might seem! Bye! It’s time for me to do a little fishing!

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Table of Contents



1. Fishers of Men                     Witnessing


2. A Fishing Fish                       Witnessing


3. Walking on What                  Miracle of Jesus


4. Flying Fish                            God’s Care


5. Farley the Fish                      Rebellion


6. Watch Out for the Nets        Sin


7. A Strange Place for A Coin  God’s Provision


8. Sea Horse Don’t Worry       God’s Provision


9. More Than Swimming           Obedience


10. A Dangerous Flower          Sin


11. The Floating What?            Possible for God


12. Amphibians Are Cool         New Creation


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