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Bunny Skit- Easter Program

Bunny Skit

This bunny skit is excellent for an Easter program. At the beginning of the service, this bunny ears should be seen hopping across the stage. Repeat several times. You want to get a reaction from the class. The teacher doesn't see the bunny ears at first, but finally, he/she goes to the stage and grabs the ears and gently pulls the rabbit up.

Leader: What are you doing?

Bunny: Who me? Oh, I was just hiding.

Leader: Why are you hiding? Today's a day to celebrate, not hide. It's Easter.

Bunny: That's why I'm hiding!

Leader: What?

Bunny: Cause sometimes kids think I'm the Easter Bunny. They mob me wanting more chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.

Leader: But these children know that Easter is more than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.

Bunny: They do?

Leader: They do! Yes, they the best gift isn't found in a full basket, but an empty tomb.

Bunny: An empty tomb?

Leader: You mean they know Easter celebrates the Jesus' resurrection.

Leader: These kids know Jesus is sweeter than candy!

Bunny: They do?

Leader: Yes, These kids know


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