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A Message in the Leaves

fall-yellow-leavesEven though, medical I live in the South. I am already dealing with leaves; Not the pretty kind that blanket many yards around the country, just the brown curly things that fall endlessly this time of year. If you are fortunate to have leaves that are changing colors you can pick them off the ground and use them in this object lesson. If you are like those of us in the South, you will have to make the leaves from construction paper or purchase them in an arts and craft store like Hobby Lobby! I love that place!


You will need  gold, brown, red and green leaves to use as you share this devotion. Take the leaves out of a basket and show them as you speak.

For Parents:

Take your children on a treasure hunt walk. Have them collect pretty sticks, leaves, acorns and wild flowers. Find a place to plop down on the ground and let them show you their treasures. Conclude the show and tell by using this devotion. Don't make it too long. If they are born-again, then share the devotion as a witnessing tool for them to share with their friends. Really young children will not understand the play on words. (leaf and leave)

Written on Leaves

Do you realize that over a thousand years ago people wrote things on leaves, very similar to these. From that fragile start pages in a book were called leaves and loose pages of writings were called leaflets. Now literally millions of books have been written. These books have contained cures for diseases and unlocked mysteries of Science that has changed the way people live. But no other book in the history of mankind can effect the change in a person's life that the Bible does.

Most Important Book

The Bible is more than just great ideas. It is more than great stories. It is more than facts. The Bible is powerful. Let's look at a very important verse that helps us understand how powerful the Bible really is.
For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes--the Jew first and also the Gentile. Romans 1:16

The Good News is Jesus wants to be your best friend. He can save everyone and anyone who believes.

A choice

God gives us a choice. We can accept Jesus or not. Some times people choose to leave Jesus out of their life. They ignore Him, and reject Him. Maybe their life is too full to include Jesus. Or maybe they don’t realize what a wonderful friend He is or how much He loves them.


Turn over a new leaf.

time to turn over a new leaf

It is also from the early history of books that we get an expression that is still widely used today, "turning over a new leaf." Since the pages of a book were called leaves. Often people wrote about the things they did and the things that happened to them in their diaries. When they filled a page with writing or completed writing on a page or leaf in their book, they would turn to the next page or leaf. It was blank. It didn't hold any events or any failures. It didn't hold any successes. It was a blank page waiting to be filled.

Turning a new leaf is an expression that came from that time in history. It means having a fresh start. It means beginning with a blank page.

A new blank page doesn't really give us a new start. But Jesus can. Let's use the leaves to explain how that can happen.


Gold Leaf

Heaven is a real place. A beautiful place. It even has streets made of real gold. It is God's dwelling place. Because He loved the world, He chose to leave heaven, to be born into the world.

Brown Leaf

This world was very different than heaven. It had sin in it. Sickness. And death. This leaf in my hand is dead. But death is not the end for people. We will live somewhere forever. And we get to choose where we will spend eternity. We can spend it with Jesus or  separated far away from Jesus.

Red Leaf

Sin separates us from God. The penalty for sin had to be paid. So Jesus agreed to pay the price for your sins and mine. He paid for our sins by dying on the cross.

All the gold in heaven and all the money on Earth couldn’t buy our salvation. Only the Son of God could pay the ultimate price for us to become God’s child.

This red leaf reminds me that He loved us so much that God gave His son to die. He died to save us all from our sins.


Green Leaf

Like the green leaves in Spring announce new life, this green leaf reminds us His death wasn’t the end. Jesus came back to life! God raised Jesus from the dead so you and I could be saved. It was the beginning of new life for anyone that would accept God's gift..

You can have new life if you believe (be leave) on Jesus.

Believe Jesus is the Son of God.

Confess your sins

and He will forgive you.


Maybe you’ve already asked Jesus into your heart.

That's awesome! I am so glad.

Just like the trees that lose their leaves every year,  your life will leave a story. You can leave a story of faith and kindness. Your life can make a difference when you share your faith or what God has done for you with your friends.


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