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Think Missional! Pass this on to someone you think may enjoy it or need it.

It is our goal to equip, dosage encourage and resource children’s miinistry leaders.


Here you find a teaching each month that you can listen to on varying subjects in children’s ministry.


This Month’s teaching is Leading Like Moses.It is part one in the series. People have lots of dreams, but it the dreams are to bring us the fulfillment we desire they must be God’s dream.


Click here to listen to the complete teaching Dreaming God’s Dream

Children Need Jesus


Many years ago I heard a story of a group of teenagers that wanted to rent a boat at the Marina. They were oblivious to the ominous, viagra dark sky and the risks involved to be on the water in storm like the one that was brewing. The shop owner was closing up shop because he understood the danger and wanted to head for home himself. When the cocky teenager insisted he wanted a boat and offered more money, a small boat owner, offered to rent his to the teenagers.   But a wrinkle-faced, white headed elderly fisherman, pushed through the crowd that was gathering and insisted, “Boys, go home. come Back when the weather isn’t brewing up a bad storm like this one.”   Confident and brazen, the teenager bragged that he could handle any storm, even though he’d never been in one on the water before. The boat owner was reaching for the boy’s money, when the old gentleman continued. “Boys, if you’re gonna go out in that storm anyway, then take me with you! I’ve spent my life on the water. I’ve been through storms and I’m telling you, this is gonna be a bad one. Don’t go out there alone! Take me with you!”   We must join the ranks of the elderly gentlemen to warn children, “Take Jesus with you. You can’t make it without Jesus. He know what to do in a storm. Take Jesus with you in every area of your life.”   We teach children because it’s better to build a fence than a hospital. We teach children because Jesus really is the answer to every question people ask.

We Want to Join Your Team

building children's ministry team leaders

Invest in the future–invest in a child–invest God’s Word in a child.

Teaching children has never been more challenging.

This generation of children have different needs, there interest and values. That means our methods and our commitment to understand this generation must be a priority. Inspiration and creativity is vital to keep you on track.  Our thirty plus years in children’s ministry has taught us the value of networking with other children’s leaders and to establish priorities that produce Godly character rather than glorified entertainment.


As we have traveled the country for the past twenty years we see leaders, teachers, parents and educators that are doing an excellent job.


We also see many new, inexperienced teachers coming into classes with a passion to impact the lives of children. We believe we have resources that can help both kinds of teachers.

Something for Both!

We are committed to both kinds of teachers. We exist not because we are looking for something to do, but because we want to help christian teachers, parents and churches minister more effectively to children.

And Here’s How we Do It


Childrens ministry training is all about building leaders that are equipped to shape the lives of children with biblical truths.

Teachers are not born, they are built…

If they are built…  What are you doing to build your teachers?


I have been on the other side of the door where teachers face the challenges of  pouring God’s Word and values into containers that never seem to quit moving. Children’s ministry is both labor and skill intensive.

If you want to invest in children or if you want your teachers to invest in children then you must invest in the teacher first.

Inspiration and skills are necessary and essential, but as ministry leaders, we cannot afford to stop here, we must help the teachers grow spiritually if they are going to impact the lives of children.

Even committed teachers need to feel valued as an integral part of the team.

Focus remains sharp for only as long as they can see the goal, that requires regular and meaningful communication.


That’s what we do at Let Us Teach Kids! We inspire teachers, build skill sets and whet their appetites to know God more deeply.


Let me ask you a very important question.

  • When was the last team you evaluated yourself or your team- skill sets; team spirit; or spiritual commitment?
  • When did you last attend a conference?

Conferences can be very expensive and they aren’t the only way to invest in teachers. We can help you build up your teachers! And I really mean it.


I understand how busy you are. You have lessons to plan, meeting to attend and families to nurture. How do you juggle it all? Don’t try to do it all yourself.


Conferences to give you a helping hand.


Can we give you a hand?

We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to have all the responsibilities that go with children’s ministry without any extra hours to make it happen! You need an ongoing plan to build your teachers! You need training that goes beyond skills to inspire the heart of teachers-that’s what we do best. We’re passionate about children’s ministry and making the Bible come alive in people’s hearts. You’ll feel that passion in every session you hear. Let me tell you about it!


We have 5 very different options to help your church build your children’s ministry staff.

  1. On Site Training

  2. Building Leaders on the Go!

  3. Plug In Training

  4. Teacher Training Blueprint

  5. Teacher Appreciation Banquet  Pat on the Back

  6. Home Training



Conference In Your Church On Site Training

Pat teachingWhat will an on-site conference do for your church?


  • People will get excited about ministry!
  • They go back into the classrooms better equipped/trained and thus happier teachers.
  • Attendance will increase because the class is fun and meets student’s needs.
  • Recruiting new teachers will become easier and teacher longevity will increase.


Benefits from having an on-site conference in your church:

  • A powerful way for leadership to invest the ministry staff
  • Convenience
  • Better attendance
  • Promote district, community and church unity by inviting area Churches.
  • You can customize the conference to meet the needs and interests of your church

How will an on-site conference benefit the Churches and their teachers?


  • A seminar is a tangible way for the Church Leadership to show the value they place on the teachers as individuals and their place of ministry.
  • 30 years of Children’s Ministry experience will be poured into your teachers.
  • Teachers will catch a fresh vision of the importance of ministering to adults and children
  • They will develop new skills and enrich fundamental skills that are vital to classroom success.
  • They will be exposed to new products and resources that are available.



 Contact us We’d love to come to your church.


Contact Pat


Training on the Go


It’s hard to get people to attend one more meeting. Everybody is busy. We’ve learned to multitask and listening and learning while you do something else is a great way to equip your teachers. So we’ve put together 12 subjects that we feel every teacher should know and put them into a set–one for every month.

 A plan that really works!

Now you can invest in your teachers every month with a recording by Patricia Holland that will ignite their passion and sharpen their skills. We send you the12 master CDs. Copy enough CDs for all your workers.


 Save valuable meeting time!

People are busy! It’s hard to get people to meetings, even important ones. This organized training plan eliminates the need for a monthly meeting. Put all your news in a simple newsletter with the outlines that come with the teaching. They can listen to the teaching at their convenience, in the car while commuting to/from work or while doing household chores. They’ll want to listen to them again and again.


Make them accountable

People don’t do what you expect. They do what you  inspect.  Make the training easy and accessible to everyone. Once a month have the teacher’s pick up a packet with their teaching CD and handout.  You might want to stick a little treat in the packet as well to show  them your love and appreciation. Have them listen to the teaching and return the completed handout. (You can find great ideas to make your teachers feel special on Steve Greer’s Appreciation CDs.) Once a quarter or semi annually have a Teacher Celebration. When they complete the program give them a certificate of completion made from the master provided in your packet.


Here’s How it Works

You will receive 12 reproducible master teachings on CD , and 12 reproducible handouts. You have permission to duplicate the CDs and handouts for all the  teachers in your church. For just pennies per teacher, you can give your teachers a teaching  on CD and handout every month that will build another vital teaching skill and inspire them to minister more effectively. They will have the CD in their personal library to refer back to again. Your teachers will want to listen to  them again and again. This will increase the learning curve and the probability that they will put the principals in practice.


For beginning or experienced teachers.

How could that be possible? Training for experienced and inexperienced teachers? Sounds like an oxymoron! But these teachings are more than just skill development. These CDs will inspire your teachers and ignite their spiritual passion. Plus these teachings will reinforce the right things they are already doing in the classroom. Positive reinforcement works for teachers too! It’s a great feeling to hear your philosophy and methods reinforced by someone else.


Use these teaching CDs to:

  •         Train new teachers at home.
  •        Teach Basic Skills
  •         Motivate teachers
  •         Sharpen their skills
  •         Enlarge their vision
  •         Prevent teacher burnout
  •         Create enthusiasm
  •         Replace monthly meetings
  •         Express your love & concern for teachers!


Training Titles Include:

.   Make the Bible Come Alive

.   Great Ways to Use Great Visuals

.   How to Tell a Great Story

.   How to Use Puppets in your Class

.   How to Use Costume Characters

.   Recruiting Ideas

.   You are a Gift to the Church

.   You Can Be a Godly Leader

.   Getting Organized

.   Growing Kids in the Word

.   Discipline that Works

.   Involving Kids in Ministry


Go to the store to order Building Leaders





Say Thank you to your teachers with an appreciation banquet

Any time is a great time to Say Thanks!


  • Because they can never hear it too much!
  • Because they are so valuable!
  • Because it means so much to them.


 Teacher Appreciation Banquet


Aesop tells of an old farmer with a very special goose. This goose looked like any other goose, but she laid eggs unlike any other eggs. The eggs were solid gold.  The farmer and he wife were thrilled, they had never owned much. Their lives had been filled with endless work in the hot blistering sun. Now they were blessed with this incredible goose that laid pure golden eggs. You can imagine their excitement as they waited each morning for the mother goose to lay yet another golden egg.  But the farmer and his faithful wife grew weary of waiting for the daily one egg to be deposited in the feather lined nest. They wanted more gold and they wanted it now. So they decided the goose must be made of gold inside. In order to get the gold, they decided to kill the goose and remove all the gold so they would be rich now instead of later. So they killed the goose but inside they only found goose organs and not a single ounce of gold.


The moral of this story is “Don’t love the gold more than the goose!” Take good care of the goose that lays the golden eggs. In ministry terms that means take care of the workers that God gives you.


Now if the old farmer was very wise like most farmers are, how do you think he would have cared for his goose? If that goose was mine I would protect it. I would watch over it carefully, feed it the best food money could buy, see that all of its needs were met.


Are you getting the picture? These volunteers that God has trusted you with are the ones that are doing all the work. They are the ones that are teaching the kids, making the visits, on and on. They are making your vision of reaching children possible. You just can’t do it without them unless you have a very small ministry or plan to have a very small ministry soon.


Do you value the workers and team that God has sent you?

Then show them! It’s not appreciation until it is  expressed.


Appreciation isn’t a one time event, it is a way of life. Everyone needs to feel appreciation. An appreciation  banquet is a powerful way to express your appreciation and invest in your teachers at the same time. Appreciation banquets are a great way to express your appreciation. A motivating speaker is always a good choice for your banquet. Listen to Patricia to see if she is what you are looking for at your next banquet.Your teachers don’t have to  burn out, rekindle that fire with inspiration, skill development and fresh vision. Patricia will bless your ministry team.


Contact Pat

 Plug Into Training

Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s not good. 


Patricia’s DVD training is taken from both live and studio recordings. They cover a variety of subjects and can be purchased from the online store on this website. See the store for an up to date listing of all the workshops available.

  • Make the Bible Come Alive
  • You Can Tell a Great Story
  • Visuals Galore
  • Belonging to a Dream Team
  • Change Agents
  • Anointed to Minister
  • Marketing Your Ministry
  • Cooking Up a Great Program
  • Discipline That Work

You can download the reproducible outlines that go with each of the DVD teachings.



  Teacher Training Blueprint

This resource is an audio teaching, PowerPoint and handout give you the blueprint to help you teach your teachers. This saves you time preparing the handouts, PowerPoint and research, but still gives you the option to customize it to your needs and those of your audience



  • How it works
  • Pray before you listen to the audio teaching.
  • Ask God to help you fit the lesson to meet the needs of your audience.

  • Ask Him to help you see  the emphasis that God wants you to take with the lesson.

  • Listen to the audio and preview the PowerPoint visuals for your training session.
  • Adapt the teaching to fit your time slot, your personality and the needs of your audience.
  • Copy enough handout sheets for each person attending the session.
  • Teach the session with confidence.
  • See the store for a complete list of titles.


What benefits will you team gain from a conference?

  • Inspiration.
  • Children’s ministry is labor intensive. Fresh inspiration is necessary to maintain a focused staff.
  • They will develop new skills and reinforce existing skills to make teaching a joy.
  • Refreshing. Stop the Burnout! Encouragement and skill development helps prevent teacher burnout.
  • Team Building experience. Your team will learn together. Pray together and laugh together. All strong team building activities.
  • Your staff will be exposed to new and cutting edge resources that increase effectiveness.



How are our conferences different?


Much more than just a series of how-to workshops, this seminar is different.


  • The Passion.

    We love children’s ministry and children’s workers. We’ve ministered in both large and small churches for over 30 years. We understand the problems and needs of children’s workers.

  • Self Discovery.

    It will stir up the gifts that God has deposited in your life. There are special gifts that God has deposited in your life. Instead of copying what you see others do, you’ll be challenged to develop the special gifts in your life. Again and again, you’ll say, “I can do that.” You’ll be challenged to do it and do it better than ever!

  • Strong spiritual focus.

    While most seminars focus on only the mechanics,  this seminar will stir your staff to lead the children into the presence of God and yet teach strong biblical truths.

  • Customizable choices.  Customize the conference to meet the needs and interests of your teachers. Schedule a full day or a half day. Morning, afternoon or night sessions to fit the personality and needs of your team.


Who should attend?


Sunday School Teachers and Assistants

Classroom volunteers

Children’s Pastors

Wednesday night Workers: Royal Rangers, Impact Girls, GAs, Blue Bells, Awana, Adventure Clubs

Outreach Staff: Backyard Bible Clubs, VBS Leaders, Sidewalk Sunday School Staff, and Time Release Staff

If you are in children’s ministry, this conference is for you.



Most sessions are geared toward teachers of elementary age students and above. However, many of the sessions can be adapted for younger teachers as well.


Or it can be customized for all church ministry teachers.

What People Are Saying  — Pictures of Pat Holland   Ministry Clips Our Statement of Faith


Hello I’m Pat Holland-


I tried to wear the name Patricia, viagra because it sounds sooo elegant, hospital but it just never fit me. It’s a little too fancy for me. I’m really just a simple, find down-home Southern girl– so please call me Pat, that’s what everyone calls me.

Southern Girl- That means I love to go barefooted.

I drink sweet tea and eat turnip greens and cornbread.

I say “y’all” and “bless your heart.” (In the compassionate, good way!)

I try not to say yeller for yellow, but you just might hear “yeller” if I’m around you very long.


About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us


I am a passionate lover of God and His Word.

My ultimate goal is the hear my Heavenly Father say “Well Done.” I love, LOVE HIM! I want my life to count for Him. So I constantly lean into what He is saying.

I base my life and ministry on the principles of God’s Word. The Bible is God speaking, commanding, guiding, loving and revealing His nature and His plan to people. Christianity is not another self-help program.

I love people.

I’m not good at small talk, because I want to hear stuff that matters. I love hearing people’s stories. What they love. Where they’ve been location wise and spiritually.

I am energized by people, speaking and writing. I love to share what God is showing me from the Bible with people of all ages!

I enjoy hiking and laughing with my husband, Wayne. He is a master craftsman and we work great together. He has the talent and I do an amazing job of carrying the dumb end of a board. I’ve pulled electrical wire in new construction, laid tile and rustic picture frames. My claim to fame is making strawberry jam over a camp store using a lantern for light at Bull Run National Campground.

And you thought I wasn’t going to mention them!

Yes, I am a grandmother. And I love it! 5 precious grandchildren to love on and learn from. There’s just nothing like being a grandmother.

Passionate, Enthusiastic, Anointed, and Sweet

are the four words most people use after hearing me speak. My motive gift is encouragement, and it penetrates everything I do whether it is writing, teaching or preaching. My goal is for my listeners to be encouraged, inspired and uplifted. I love people…so much! I think you’ll feel it when we meet.

While I learned to minister by teaching and preaching to kids, I’m not childish. I take the principles of God’s Word and make them easy to understand and practical to live out. I believe God’s Word is practical and should affect every area of our life.

Host a teacher training conference in your church.


Pat might be a good match for your church if you are looking for someone …

    • that loves people?
    • that knows how to teach leaders?
    • that can help your teacher’s make the Bible Come Alive?
    • to inspire and train Teachers and volunteers.
    • that is passionate about children’s ministry?
    • someone that goes deep enough to challenge the experienced teacher without overwhelming the novice?
    • someone that will leave your teacher’s feeling empowered…saying “I can do that!”
    • someone that can also encourage Parents
      • Inspirational Banquet
      • Chapel Service Speaker for Christian Schools

Contact Us


Contact us to book Pat for a conference, ministry weekend or special event in your church.

Would you like to know what People are Saying about Pat?

Our Vision

To help you “Make the Bible Come Alive” in the hearts of children.



Our product line includes items that make great children’s gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Want to contact us?

We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us at pat@letusteachkids.com


Pat Holland Bio

Pat is a writer, speaker and workshop leader. Her love for children’s ministry and enthusiasm is contagious! She is committed to “Building Teachers Who Build Children”. Not only does she focus on sharpening teaching skills, but she has motivated and encouraged leaders throughout the country in conferences such as: International FCM, Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers, North Central Bible College, Southwestern Bible College, National Children’s Pastors, Baptist Sunday School Board, National Drama Festival, KEEP, ACSI, ACTS and numerous regional conferences.

Pat is committed to helping parents, children’s pastors, leaders and teachers minister more effectively by providing quality Kid’s Church materials that develops strong Christian character in children. She has been actively involved in Children’s Ministry for 30 years. She has served as Children’s Pastor, CE Director and as a Children’s Ministry Consultant to assist churches in growing their children’s ministry.

Pat has written for Radiant Life “Children’s Church”, Pathway Press “Leadership Magazine” and is the founder of “Let Us Teach Kids”. She has written curriculum, numerous puppet skit books, object lesson books and stories which are being used across the United States and many countries around the world.




Our Statement of Faith:

WE BELIEVE the Bible is the only infallible Word of God.

WE BELIEVE the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

WE BELIEVE in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious  blood of Jesus Christ.

WE BELIEVE in the resurrection of the lost and the saved. The lost to eternal damnation;  the saved to eternal life.




Download Patricia’s booking packet.


What People Are Saying  — Pictures of Pat Holland   Ministry Clips Our Statement of Faith

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