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“Train them up in the way they should go” is way more than just talking at kids”


We're all about Children's Ministry

we are more

My love for children goes beyond a gushy feeling!

Pat Holland Let Us Teach KidsIt propels me to

Even when I don’t want to do it.

I believe in children.

I believe they can have an encounter with God.
I believe they can really know God.
I believe they can be followers of God.
I believe they can influence those around them.
Because of that…

I believe in Children’s Ministry!

Teaching children has never been more challenging. This generation of children have different needs, cheap interest and values. That means our methods and our commitment to understand this generation must be a priority. Inspiration and creativity is vital to keep us on track.

So, order I must…

Never stop

growing…praying…listening …teaching…learning from them.

I must understand

children’s ministry shouldn’t start or stop at church!

Because the greatest influencer in a child’s life is their mom, dad or guardian.

Parents are important.

And We Need Each Other

We don’t know it all. We can’t do it all. God seems to love putting different things with different functions together to make something amazing. A tree with roots; limbs, leaves and flowers. A body with eyes, fingers, kidneys and hair. Different parts with different functions together to make a body.

And when we look at the church…the church body…it’s hilarious sometimes! Wow! The differences. The wild differences of ethnicities, interests and viewpoints that come together beautifully. Our thirty plus years in children’s ministry has taught us the value of networking with other children’s leaders. Of listening, not copying, but adapting ideas, enlarging vision and reach to accomplish more for Christ Jesus.

And the truth is…we don’t just do more,  when we function as a unit in the body of Christ. We really need each other!

Who is Pat Holland?

An encourager.

A story teller.

A woman that loves Jesus.

A blogger

A grandma! Hallelujah!


I’ve been involved in children’s ministry for almost a hundred years. OK! So I’m much too young for that to be true!

But trust me, it’s still been a long time. While I admit longevity is not the measuring tape for quality, it can be a great teacher.

I’ve learned

that children’s ministry is labor intensive.

It’s done behind the scenes by creative people trying to grow in the shade. Have you noticed not too many things will grow in the shade?

that dealing with people

can be a tremendous blessing and/or very challenging. Did I say that nice enough?

every group of children is different.

that not even the Lone Ranger was alone.

I need people. People that are like me and people that are very different than me.

that I don’t know it all.

The only person that surprised was me! I learned everyone had something they could teach me, if I would listen and see. That includes children, parents, pastors and my peers.


I have been given the privilege of sharing some of God’s light.

His Word.

His love.

His hope.

And for that I am deeply thankful.

Encourage. Equip. Energize.

Make Contact

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


904 287-2869

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